Medusa As if Lamia No.9 wasn’t bad enough, yesterday’s Besieged featured Medusa. I HPed and was booted from the zone shortly in, but at least in the beginning she couldn’t be harmed at all. Sounds like as the battle was progressing (possibly with other troops dying), she started to take some damage. Of course, with that 700-person limit, I was stuck in Whitegate listening to people talk in the alliance. ; ;

In other news, we just had a small static this weekend (today only), and we’re all now 68. I got a Hoplites Harpe, though I had to pay 180K for it, which is pretty outrageous seeing as how just a week ago they were 4-5K. >.< Hoping to manage a drop in a KS30 to help pay that back, but we'll see how that goes. THF seems to be dropping off in terms of overall power in the party. I'm not sure if it's because I need to step up my game, or if it's just Samurai, Dragoon and Ninja really starting to come into their own (with Thief already having brought everything to the table). Parsing a lot to try and figure out gear and food combinations that will help me perform my best and help the group out the most. So far nothing conclusive, but the quest continues....


Well, Caitsith just had their first Besieged after the update (in the middle of the second now, with a third close behind). Undead Swarm, with Lamia No.9 leading the pack, with her four elementals, and spamming Sleepga and Charmga. With the lag and lack of character models on the screen, it’s not as much fun as, say, Dynamis-Sandy. I ended up dying due to being on THF67 and taking a total of two hits from Lamia No.9 (~350 and ~800) and not getting cured. When I HPed (to Al Zahbi), I was booted. ; ; Was an interesting fight while I was able to be around, however short that was. Mamool Ja there now with their DRG NM, but I wasn’t about to waste my time trying to get and stay in for the fight. -.-

Instead I camped the AH for an H-harpe, though none are up. Just have to try tomorrow. I’d like to line one up for this weekend so I can have it when I hit 68. The damage update’s nice, it’s now DMG:32 instead of 27, with the same delay. ^^ (Of course Harpe is still better, but can’t go wrong for 5-10K vs 2.5-4M.)

Update Fun

Ah, the sitting and waiting and slow download speeds, gotta love it…. I get to update two computers, and as usual, it’s taking a while. But at least a number of the updates look pretty good. A lot of lvl 68+ daggers are having their damage ratings boosted, which is really nice since in the static we hit 67 last night (crawlers up in Mount Zhayolm — fun but dangerous XP). And while the DRK group 2 merits are pretty disappointing, a couple of the THF ones look pretty nice. But the thing that gets me most is that RDMs can get Bio III. Where’s Bio III for DRKs? Dark Magic is our domain, not RDMs’. >.< I've been wanting Bio III for a long time, and to see that RDMs can get it now is just vexing. Especially when we're given some mostly-useless (as opposed to completely-useless like group 1) merits. Oh well, just pushes me more towards THF, I guess. -.- In addition to mixed news on the update, they have to be going late, so the meriting tonight may be impacted. :\ Though since all the merits are still going to THF, I suppose it's not that big of a deal. (Though more generic merits earned by DRK help my leveling THF until I hit 75 and can merit THF abilities directly.)

Disco balls of light!

Disco Ball 41K XP in one party… good times. ^^ Everyone in the 63-64 static is now 65, I have access to Shark Bite (from unlocking it previously), Blau earned Wheeling Thrust, and Samar earned Tachi: Gekko. In addition to the normal party fun, we also had loads of fun blowing mobs to bits with 3-man Light chains (Gekko > Wheeling > Shark Bite). Thanks to the 150% SC damage done that way, we had a couple of ~1400 Light results. Also a few ~300 results, but we won’t talk about those… >.> (It wasn’t my fault, the stupid crawlers resisted on occasion. ; ;)

Still have our normal session tomorrow, so it’s looking like we’ll get close to (or hit) 67. We’re going to be 75 before we know it, and a damn lot quicker than DRK ever did, hehe. (And for reference, half of us are from the static I have on DRK, so it’s not just n00bs on the other static, just fun with job combos and the new areas not being out.)

More stabbing fun tomorrow, but for now…. zZz

Of Scorpions and Sharks…

SH! :D Since I hadn’t been able to get in touch with the crafter who was going to synth a harness for me, I went ahead and posted my claw again, just in case. It sold pretty quickly (within 30 minutes), and I was able to purchase my SH with the funds last night. ^^ Now to see if it and the chivalrous chain I also picked up help me to be able to use meat okay, or if I’m still pretty much stuck with sushi and +ATK gear for a while….

And the night before, I went to Boyahda with a couple friends to skill my dagger, and got it capped off at 225 native skill on DRK75, earning Shark Bite. Once I ding THF65, then with my dagger merit I’ve got, I’ll be able to use SB immediately instead of having to wait for 66. Once Blau’s (my wife’s char) DRG hits 65 and can get however many skills are necessary to get 225 on polearm, we’ll be able to start trying Light SCs. That’ll leave our SAM (Samar) to solo SCs, though, so we’ll have to see how damaging the various SCs are. For all I can tell, we may end up sticking with some L2s so Samar can SC with each of us. We’ve got nobody to really MB on SCs, so we don’t have to pick a weaker SC. Have to see how things progress this weekend as we level.

“Ooh, you’re scared of the Claw!”

Vclaw Venomous, that is. In the LS, we’ve been doing some Operation Desert Swarm runs since we had a good group that all needed some high-value item from the BCNM. So far we’ve managed three claws and two ingots for a relatively small number of runs, and one of those claws was mine. ^^ There’s the good news.

The bad news is that the night I got mine, Alahra also got hers (no, that’s not the bad news), and hers was the only claw to sell that night. And the next day. And the next. I ended up getting the claw returned from the AH. And then, just as I predicted, sales happened. Five claw sales as of last night.

In the interest of actually getting the thing sold (because having a claw does nobody any good unless you like running around and stabbing people with it — which was fun, but got old fast), a friend got in touch with a crafter that’s in his HNMLS. I’ve now got a crafter who’s going to use the claw to try and synth a SH for me, but to increase the chances of success as much as possible, he’s waiting for a full moon and will be getting support in Windy.

Full moons happen every four days or so, sometimes at inconvenient times, so I’ve still got to see when he wants to do it. But hopefully by next week I’ve finally gotten rid of my claw and gotten the SH I was going for. ^^

A Little Backstory…

I suppose a bit of introduction is probably in order just to be “official”, despite that most likely anyone getting here that cares at all probably already knows me.

I started playing FFXI around the end of April or beginning of May in 2004. I’d had friends that were playing, but I hadn’t gotten into it quite yet. But my wife wanted to play because someone she knew from a previous online RPG was there, so we picked up two copies. Kestion was on Ifrit, so that’s where her first character was created. Meanwhile, I poked my friend Alahra who was already playing, and got a World Pass to Caitsith. Within about 15 seconds of logging in for the first time on my test character, I had a linkpearl already. ;)

I played around with all the jobs on my Bastokan Hume, Drakor. After getting a hang of how things worked and somewhat figuring out the job I wanted to work on, I felt a little disconnected to the others in the linkshell, as they were nearly exclusively from Windurst, which isn’t anywhere near Bastok. Wanting to be a little more involved, I decided to create a “real” character, and have it be from Windurst. And since you start with a ring from your nation if you use one of the “standard” races for that nation, I had the choice of making a taru or mithra. Wanting to go melee (I’d pretty much decided on being a MNK), I went with a mithra. Although for reasons I still don’t understand, I started as a WAR. Go figure.

In any case, I was able to be a little more involved with the LS, though most people were higher level (at this time, “high level” meant they were around 30). It still felt better to be from the same nation, and I like Windurst a lot. (Bastok comes in second. I’m weird, I know, but San d’Oria sucks, seriously.)

As a WAR, I decided on using a greatsword. Just because I liked the idea of a kitty running around with a huge sword bashing the hell out of stuff. And I liked the execution of said idea, too. ;) I grew closer to 30, and wasn’t sure what advanced job (if any) I might be interested in. As I was exclusively using a greatsword, Alahra suggested perhaps Dark Knight might be a good choice. (Most DRKs mainly use scythes, but they have A ratings in both weapons, and 66+ we’re all whored out for Spinning Slash.)

I picked up DRK and had lots of fun with it. Big weapon and some use of black magic, horribly overpowered in the early levels. Skipping over all the boring LFP stuff, I’ve hit DRK75 in the recent past, and actually last night got my first merit.

In addition to DRK, I’ve been having loads of fun on THF lately, as well. It started as just a need to level it up for a subjob to stack SATA with Spinning Slash as I grew closer to DRK66. In the early levels I didn’t really care for THF too much, though pulling was a nice change than just sitting waiting for the mob to show up and then bash its brains in. At 15, Sneak Attack came in, and that was fun. SA+Fast Blade would do quite a bit of damage at once, making THF a decent enough DD. I got stuck around THF19, until after I got a static party on DRK and we were working on subs and such. We hit 37 with those jobs and took a break, though I was hooked on THF by then. By the time you hit 33, you’ve gotten Trick Attack and Viper Bite, and can do huge damage, all while blaming it on someone else.

Finally we got a 37+ static mostly put together (including my wife’s tarutaru that I never really got to party with because she wasn’t on much) and I got to keep leveling THF. We’ve got a pretty nice group going on, though it’s gone through some minor changes. Currently we’re all the way up at 63-64 and have been having a blast getting much higher XP/hour than I was used to on DRK. Getting two levels in a 5 hour session has been standard, even at this level. If all goes well and the trend continues, we should see 67 or 68 by the end of next weekend. (Normally we go once a week, but weekends are all open for people, so we’ve started trying to do two sessions.)

That gets us pretty much up to the present, without all the gory details of being a melee DD sitting around LFP for days with no invites. ;)

First Post!

Not sure why, exactly, but I’ve recently felt the urge to have a place to jot down some random thoughts about my adventures in FFXI. So here is is. ;) Just got done with a static and it’s late as hell, so I’m hitting bed, but here’s something better than the default first post WordPress gave me….