Craft to the Future

Recently I’ve picked crafting back up on Nyovivi, one of my “secondary” chars. Nyo, being from Bastok, is my alchemist.

Back when I first created her, I decided she’d take up alchemyand started crafting tsurara. Very simple and cheap synth (especially if you can farm the ice crystals and can get rock salt from a regional merchant), and she hit 6 (the cap) very quickly. It took me a while to get past that, though, since the subsequent synths were more expensive.

Finally a while later I started on making deodorizers. Pure skill synth, since absolutely nobody buys these things. But I could sell the results to a vendor and make back some gil, so it wasn’t a total loss.

After the deodorizers, I began to get mercury out of cobalt jellyfish. It takes four jellies to yield one vial of mercury, so you can imagine just how much synthing I was doing to get much result. And being a lightning-based synth (I don’t think it quite qualifies as a desynth since it’s not a synth in reverse), it was quite the pain to work on. I did eventually, after much time and cost, get to 16. I think that Nyo ran out of gil at that time, so I didn’t continue on.

Just recently I decided (in a fit of boredom) to take the craft back up again. Thinking I had to keep doing jellies, I logged onto Nyo to find that she was on 16, which is around the mercury cap (close enough to change synths, in any case). I look on my sheet to see what synths are close, and go for echo drops (20). Not a bad synth, and as long as I didn’t blow up too many ingredients, I made a small profit while getting some decent skills.

As I grew close to the 20 cap, I looked ahead yet again, and silent oil was about it for saleable synths in range. Which is a bit annoying, as the synths are a loss. Not as big as I was expecting, but I’d pay around 95K for 12 synths’ worth of ingredients and only make back 80K if I didn’t blow up anything. Luckily I wasn’t blowing up too much, and even when I did, I’d usually get 0.1 skill out of it.

Currently Nyo’s sitting at 22 skill, so I’ll need to either wait for low moon and “bad” days to work with silent oil more, or look for another synth to start skilling on. I’ve looked at the upcoming skills, but since success rates will depend on moon phases, it’s hard to plan ahead too terribly much.

Absorb-TP, elementals and dragons, oh my!


Absorb-TP result
When Absorb-TP was announced, I was pretty much convinced that it would be more or less worthless at higher levels, just like the other Absorbs are. Boy was I mistaken. Highest return so far is 92%, and only rarely does it seem to be resisted. I had a lot of fun playing with it while meriting off trolls, even though much of the time my timing would be bad, and they’d use their TP just before I absorbed. >.<


Elemental Damage
This was completely crazy when this happened…. I warp into a Besieged, and decide to go attack Lamia No.9. Except apparently she was going around laying waste to people, and I got in her way. Her elemental smacked me for 992 damage!! (Meanwhile, she got a lousy crit for half that.)


Ash DragonJust got done doing a ZM5 run for some friends, and we went the hard way on Ifrit’s. When I did ZM5, we “cheated” and died and got tractored and raised by the exit from the headstone area. This time it was a run through the Cauldron, and guess who was up? Yep, the Ash Dragon. >.< Luckily we were able to run past it, but it turned pretty quickly and ate our BLM. ; ; He survived long enough to get into a good enough position for me to Tractor him to safety, though. :) That was a fun run, seemed much easier than when I did it with more people (nearly full alliance versus the six we had for this run). Even got to run into a bunch more friends doing the same thing on the other side of Ifrit's. ;D

Where’s the flea spray when you need it?

So as usual, not much was going on last night. Divinelegend, our resident Elvaan Dragoon (there’s another, but I prefer to not acknowledge his existence the few minutes he’s in the shell), was around and still hadn’t been able to finish his Corsair and Puppetmaster quests due to the evilness that is Arrapago Reef. So I offer to take him to get those ??? spots found and such.

These being areas where even 75s get aggro, I put on my “DRK mage” gear (Vampire cloak and relic boots, plus my trusty Dark Staff) and we head out to Nashmau. No trouble on the boat, and I even got to have a little fun with a crab and poking it with my Heart Snatcher. Took a while to kill even with DL on it, too, but we got it. ;) (I was even being helped out with Haste by Lusha, a WHM friend of mine.) There was a bit of fun when someone fished up an Orobon, which is the biggest angler fish I’ve seen in my life. It’s an NM, but apparently doesn’t aggro. It just sat there on deck for a while, then jumped off since its taru meal was nowhere to be found.

So anyway, we get up to Nashmau, and run out into the Mire. Being the kitty who likes to live on the edge, I don’t sneak and invis up until I have to. A mage of some sort had run ahead of us out of the zone, and before we got to far, she’d apparently found the chigoe spot by the first tunnel. Two fleas were chasing her, so I popped a quick Stun on one and impressed DL with my massive 22-damage Weapon Bash (which of course killed it, being a JA). ;)

I go ahead and sneak us up, but only once we get to the treants. Why spend the MP if there’s not little bouncing brown bloodsuckers in sight? ^^ We grab a key to the grate and head for the Reef. Also being a lazy kitty, I just go ahead and aggro the lamia trying to guard the zone and just zone her. Not before taking a normal hit and two 180 crits though. >.>;;

Once in the Reef, it all went smoothly, as there’s only around five or six things to worry about. I kept an eye on the merrow hanging out on the ships and would invis DL back up right away, just in case one took a liking to him. (I especially didn’t need one to call upon the sea to wash our clothes off. >.< Naked {Elvaan} {Thanks for the offer, but I'll have to pass.}) The trip back went all right, though my sneak and invis weren't liking me much and would sometimes wear off a few seconds after being applied. Grabbing him the cutscenes at Talacca Cove was easy, especially as the imp that normally hangs out at the zone was off on a coffee break or something.