The results of THF in the 75 static are in…

…and it’s not good. Not good at all. In fact, I was doing worse on THF73/NIN on the Decorated Weapons than DRK75/THF was doing on the trolls. And DRK did pretty damn horrible on those. Granted, with the decos I’m sure DRK may have done worse still (swing twice a fight maybe), but THF/NIN is fairly good with TP gain normally. I was offhanding Garuda’s instead of my usual Hornetneedle for the extra ATK, so that would slow my TP gain down some, but one of the big issues (next to Sgb and Machy’s NIN absolutely raping the weapons in between my dual dagger swings and Aga’s gun shots) was that with how much the mob and people were moving around, it was nearly impossible to consistently land SA and TA.

Looking at the parses, my average WS damage was better than the dhalmels and moon weapons from the 73 static, but both accuracy and per-hit damage were quite a bit worse (On the order of 60% of the previous “efficiency” as I call the product of my hit rate and average melee hit damage.)

Not quite sure how to remedy this yet, it’ll probably take a few more sessions in various places to see if it’s just that I’m not sufficient for the decos, or if instead I’m just sucking more than normal in this group. Maybe it’s that they were checking even defense instead of low defense. Casting Utsu all over the place never helped, either, especially while I was still 73 and had to take the time for Ichi. Could be a lot of little things adding up, I’ve got a bit more work to do, looks like….

And the XP keeps rolling in…

Well, we had quite the productive day in our little band on Saturday. 8.1K/hr overall, including some breaks and a party coming in camping near us (we bascially annihilate all the dhalmels in the back of Bibiki, so anyone else doing dhalmels that’s not up front will hurt us). We were doing around 10K/hr at the beginning. They’ll be cleaning up dhalmel carcasses for weeks, I’m sure. ^^ With that killing rate and how long we were there (about 8.5 hours), we all hit 73. Was quite the fun (and unexpected!) party.

And to top the party off, the parse results came in with Machy beating me quite handily in overall damage. He was a little beast on melee hits, it turned out. He pointed out that he did have Haste going all the time, so factoring that in I suppose we may have been evenish at a “base” comparison, but my results were pretty damn good as they were, as gobs were taking 1K+ from my DEs (why, I’ve no idea… all that heavy-looking armor and they squish better than dhalmels?), and I had some particularly nice DEs on Berserked dhalmels (including one fun episode with a 24% TP return).

Our group’s still going strong. It’ll be crazy fun when we hit 75 and can start meriting together (and I can start using THF with the other static group — unless DRK works better overall there).

And in a random note, today’s Besieged was with level 1 Trolls. I was placed by the Hall of Binding, and decided to stick around there to see if any mobs happened to make it. They never did (which wasn’t surprising). However, I somehow got 32 XP/IS from sitting around and talking to a NIN56 and watching General Mihli be bored and recast Aquaveil on herself. Unless that 32 was from my single Utsu cast. (In which case…. Free XP/IS from ninjutsu!)

Naked Besieged fun, plus other news

Well, it was bound to happen eventually, and it just did yesterday: I was warping back to Al Zahbi, and got caught in Besieged… as a naked BLM17/NIN08. >.< What made it even worse was that it was a double-header. I was stuck in Besieged for something like two hours, and probably did a whole 50 damage the whole time. (Thank goodness for Elemental Seal. ES+Fire for 6 damage {All right!}.) Some of the highlights were: Fire Spit for 2000 (took out 9 other people at least), and a hit from Medusa for 1480 (no crit). Good times. ;) We did lose on the second Besieged, though. ; ; In other random news, it's been a while since I've noted progress on THF. I thought I'd posted about my Assault Jerkin, but apparently not. I was hanging around Onzozo with just a gilseller party taking Toramas, as Machy offered his help in case Ose popped. I was bored, so I figured why not? Well, after a while he did pop, and Machy and Lushie ran out and we beat the snot out of him. Beat him so badly he dropped seemingly everything possible. ^^ The static's also up to 71 now. Samar, Blau and I all got our trial weapons taken care of in one evening thanks to Mac's help. I've taken up THF/WAR and am back to doing ~25% of the damage (first place) instead of ~20% (last among DDs). Also, happily I just got Utsu: Ni tonight. Cost me 670K and I'm now extremely poor, but THF74 is going to be insanely fun, I hope. ^^ Managed to solo 5 xbow skills and 3 evasion skills on T Steelshells tonight with just Utsu: Ichi and THF evasion (and a zone two steps away), so I can imagine with Utsu: Ni being able to last quite a bit longer. :D