The number one reason to not spend merits when tired

You’ll end up with Trick Attack Recast instead of Triple Attack Activation Rate. >.< Blah, 60K down the tubes, more or less. They're both "Tri--- Attack", and they're right on top of each other, so it was an easy mistake to make, but still, ouch. >.< At least TA will be slightly faster, and I do have times where I screw up a TAWS or SAWS due to having 2 or 3 seconds left on the timers, so it's not a complete loss, but I wanted my +3% to Triple Attack. ; ;

Current merit counts:

  • Dagger 3/8 (15 merits)
  • Criticals 2/4 (7 merits)
  • Triple Attack 0/5 (15 merits)
  • Aura Steal 0/3? (12? merits)
  • Trick Attack 2/?

And the pimpness continues…

*ding* THF75. However, I was a n00b and forgot to switch back to XP mode, so I’m 48/44000 into 75. Something looks at me the wrong way and I’m 74 again. At least I got a merit (and then some) out of the mistake, though I think I’d rather have that XP. But I need to recap evasion anyway, so that’ll be some XP opportunity (assuming I don’t keep forgetting to switch back for a while).

I’m not quite sure whether I want to spend this one right away on Triple Attack or let them stack up a little, though. I definitely want to max out Triple Attack, but I’ve also got Dagger and Crits to do, too, plus any merits I want to do in the group 2s. (Aura Steal might’ve come in handy tonight, since Lushie kept Finale-ing the troll RDMs’ Barwater instead of the more useful buffs, for example.)

I’m 3 upgrades into Dagger, with 5 to go (24 merits). 2 into Crits, with 3 to go (12 merits). 0 into Triple Attack, with 5 to go (15 merits). That’s 510K limit points even discounting anything else like group 2s and stats and such. Although that sounds like a lot, chances are that it’s actually only around 5-6 weeks of work with the kind of rates the statics have been leveling at. o.O

Machy, Lushie and I have been kind of bad and have been taking our lower jobs to the 75 static, so we still need to get Blau, Mac and Samar up to 75. With how close people were (as I recall) and how much XP we normally get, I actually figure that we can get people to 75 with a huge buffer, possibly with the danger of Blau and Mac capping out before they can get clearance for merits. Have to see how that goes, we may need to get them back to Jeuno to turn merits on at some point. ^^ (The rest of us could go XP mode and get automatically pushed back to merits, so it’s not quite as urgent for us.)

Good times ahead. :)

“FUCK YOU OSE” and other recent happenings

A number of exciting things have gone on in the past week or so, here’s a few of them.


I’ve been trying to get Blau his assault jerkin for a while now. Most recently I’ve been staying in Onzozo and not leaving. Been there 95% of the last week checking out the spawn room and killing stuff with Mac. I’d set up an informal event to do this yesterday, so Mac and I were running around starting somewhere between 1 and 2pm. Ose popped not that long after, but there were two other groups camping, and a competing NIN provoked him (he popped behind me and my camera was facing away as usual, and Mac wasn’t close enough).

So I hang around while Mac runs off to Bibiki to go kill bunnies for XP, and a couple of hours later Mac returns. Blau comes on around that time, too, and Samar comes out for a while during this session, too, though he kept having connect and computer issues, so he wasn’t around really long. :( Mac and Samar ran around killing torama while Blau and I sat watching the likely spawn area. And dealing with an extremely annoying THF named Kittylover. She and MNK Boefae were staring at the walls while their RDM Darkkas was killing ever so slowly. She complained how we were mooching and couldn’t kill anything, etc. etc., all because we weren’t all there yet. Machy and Lushie showed up during this time and noted that they’d had issues with Kittylover before, too, while she was in a party they’d made. We were all quite glad when they gave up and left (especially as they didn’t need the AJ, just “wanted it”). Ose #2 popped sometime after that, but was very stingy and only dropped a whisker (100% drop I think, so of course) and a piece of meat. Well great. Finally get a claim and kill it, and it doesn’t drop the jerkin. Screw you, Ose.

So there we are, it’s been around 6-7 hours since the beginning of the adventure, and we’re faced with another wait and more killing kitties. We hang around Onzozo, and several people camp Mysticmaker for Lushie’s upcoming BLM. They get a claim, but no drop. Maybe if I would’ve been closer instead of by the kitties mostly afk, but it’s hard to say. After around 2 hours we started back up with killing kitties. Another couple of groups showed up, but one apparently was there for Mysticmaker (and claimed and killed him while Machy was hanging out down there at the next spawn window) and left after the pop, and the other ended up just giving up and running off. So we’re there alone, except for some gilseller XP groups. And we wait. And wait. Kitties dying left and right (and sometimes up and down). Toramas keep popping, and then dying. It’s getting late. Extremely late. Like it’s practically tomorrow late. Finally around 3am Ose #3 pops. He now has five extremely pissed off people beating the living daylights out of him, intent on that drop. His HP drops… drops… drops… gone. And….

Blau's Ose drop


Congrats, Blau, it’s about damn time we got this. ^^

The Fall of the Angels

All right, rewind to the night before. It’s Friday night, Mac and I are sitting around Onzozo camping Ose, we’ve missed a claim and we’re waiting around for the next spawn window to open. Lushie comes on and asks me if I want to do a Divine Might run because they have a few open slots. I’ve been needing ZM14 for a while, so I pretty much had to grasp the opportunity. We had downtime from the camping, and it shouldn’t take too long. I meet Machy and Lushie at the Bubu OP and we head up to Ru’Aun. We meet the group, and while they’re pissing around doing who knows what, Lushie takes me to the correct entrance to La’Loff so we can wait. Everyone else shows up, and apparently I’ve been bumped to run #2. >.< Blah. Oh well, Lushie and I sat around talking about how their trip they'd just gotten back from was. Run #1 was successful, though they won with only 50 seconds remaining (out of the 30 minutes available). So run #2 comes around, I'm told by one guy (who I surmise was the leader of the run) that he'll invite me, so I run in and get my invite. Stand around a bit while people make it back from the exit and a few new people show up to go to this run (including a friend of mine, also a THF ^^). Okay, now everyone's here, and we head on in. 18 people sitting on the steps in, and a path is cleared for my friend to do the honors and pull. She gets to distract the mithra while the elvaan and hume are kited, the galka is distracted on the steps, and the taru is wailed on by the DDs. Well it all seems to be going okay in the beginning. We kill the taru and head off for GK. Well it's a mess on the stairs by now, EV's up there, and she's quite the bitch. She seems to have an AoE Shield Bash. I'd be stunned at times not know who the heck did it! o.O In addition, I kept being unable to run straight at the AAs for some reason. I'm not sure why, but I'd need to zigzag towards them, at least in the circle. Pretty odd. Anyway, it's GK's turn, and we're trying to get him down. My THF friend miscounted her shadows (too used to being NIN main with 4 from Ni vs. 3 from a sub) and ended up biting it. So MR and her tiger are loose in the hallway, GK's running around like a madman WSing like crazy, and EV and HM are still being kited. MR and her tiger do get dealt with eventually, but at a pretty heavy casualty count. I've died a couple of times by now from various things, and the call to wipe is given. Up the stairs, and I'm the last to go down. We wait for them all to go back down to the center, and RR. Wait for everyone to heal back to full, and then take them on again. GK's first, and with lots of the effort concentrated on him, he goes down fairly quickly. I autotarget the wyvern (next in line), and it dies about a second later from a BLM nuke. Next is HM. His HP is taken down, and when he Mijins at the end, his HP was so low that it really didn't do much to us. So that leaves EV. Stupid bitch, so annoying. But we work on her, though she doesn't like concentrating on the tanks or DDs, and goes around stabbing mages in the face. People keep falling, she's used both Invincible and Benediction, and her HP's going down for the last time. More people dying, and it seems like it's down to nearly just the NIN, my THF friend, and me. (I think there were a couple others nearby, but we were down to the dregs here.) HP bar's going lower... we're worried about time... EV's such a bitch >.<... HP still going down... can we make it?... just another sliver.... Divine Might

Dead bodies littered all over, not a lot of people up and in good shape, but we did it, and with 11 seconds to spare. That was hell, but complete and total fun. ^^

Death of a Wyrm

Ouryu So the CoP group’s started back up, and on the Thursday before last we went and did 4-2, which is the Ouryu fight. We ran through Riverne #B01 pretty quickly. A lot more quickly than I’d expected, really. Even with my getting aggroed by an EM hippogryph that decided to turn at an inopportune moment. Got it down to around 50% before the rest of the party decided to show up and help me. Pretty good for a DRK, I think. ^^

The battle itself went fairly well. We’d had around 3 mistmelts each to bring Ouryu back down to the ground, so we didn’t have to worry about aerial antics, but our NIN seemed to have some trouble holding hate solidly enough, so it would go for the mages on occasion. Near the end I was getting worried because we were starting to do 2-hours, and then hate was firmly on Samar. We ended up winning with Samar at 36HP. Thank Altana he wasn’t a taru. ;)