CoP and other updates

Well, the CoP group is still in the midst of doing 5-3. Yes, I posted nearly four weeks ago about our first run through, and we’re still not quite done. Part of that being that it’s two weeks between each run, part because the Snoll Tzar wasn’t about to give us a break. We ended up 1/4 on that mission, which I’m really disappointed about, since we’ve never gone more than 1/2 before, and we were so close to winning previous times, even with nobody really going with the normal salt usage plan (i.e., using yours not long after the person before you finished using theirs). We’d discussed it prior to the first run (or so I thought), and yet the usage pattern was to not start until after the previous one wore off. But this may have mostly been the second salt user’s issue, as even after we’d discussed it again (in length, I might add) before our second time out there, he still refused to use his salt in any sort of timely manner. Not out of maliciousness, I’m sure, but still, we’d just talked about it, and it was a pretty simple thing to watch for.

In any case, we beat the snoll (on our 4th attempt and then only barely, with thanks to T for not dying before getting enough Fire II casts off). You can do it with minimal salts, apparently, but I wouldn’t recommend it. At all. To my worst enemy. We’re past that part, at least, but 6-4 is looming, and with that being three BC battles all to complete in a single 45-minute time limit, I have a large sense of dread about it, especially since everyone will need to be paying 100% attention and be able to execute to a plan (and improvise as necessary), and I’m not too confident that all six members can do so at this point. (Five of them I have confidence in, but that sixth is one of the more-key jobs….)

Should be finishing up the last bit of 5-3 tonight (which is just a bunch of dolls in 50-cap Pso’Xja, an uncapped NM fight in Delkfutt’s, and then a run through 60-cap Pso’Xja). Should go pretty well, though I suppose I need to grab some THF50 gear and some keys so we don’t have to fight quite as many guardians, hopefully.

In other news, not much is going on with DRK and THF with Machy on a “sanity break” from merits, but I’ve started recently on RDM at Blau’s playful prodding for us to duo. While THF is a good job for survivability in many cases, it’s not really fit for duoing unless the other person can survive on their own. NIN isn’t an option for several reasons (cost, lack of demonstrated ability, and valuing not having katanas stuck through me). BST could be a possibility, though I haven’t been able to level it past 6. RDM seems to have a lot of potential use both in solo and duo play, so I went ahead and started working on it.

Currently I’m just into level 21 (yay Gravity), 95% of those levels being soloed. I did get stuck around level 7 and gave up a long time ago, but pulled it out to duo some with DF on one of her lowbie jobs, and got it to 9, at which point I seemed able to solo efficiently again. There have been some slow points, and I’ll have to start partying soon to get anywhere at more than a crawl, but it’s been fun to get past Dunes level solo. ^^ While the n00bs are able to find you anywhere, at any level, it at least used to be better starting with Qufim and more so with the jungles. So here’s hoping I can get some okay parties and get up to Refresh Whore level. ;)

The would-be Evil Kitty and friends

The CoP group has been going pretty well. We ran through Promy-Vahzl fairly quickly and easily last session (two weeks ago), though the craver-type boss went on an Impalement binge and we had to run out of the BC since our NIN got taken down (as did several others of us).

This past session, we started 5-3, which is a set of three different paths that have to be completed. We’d done the CSes solo, and started on one of the first battles, which was the Mithran Tracker 50-cap battle. Dj and T ended up missing a required CS due to one of the NPCs being involved in another quest. While waiting for them to get back from Windy, DF and I stood around the BC poking X, Y and Z (and X’s Rabbit). Dj and T got back after we’d been ejected, and we all went back in. Samar Sleepga’d them all, and we went in. Kitties were waking up all over, and running all over, too, since they’ll try to SC on a single person, despite who has hate on an individual mithra. I got taken down really quickly between a Vorpal Scythe and Evisceration (wtfhax). DF bit the dust not long after, and neither of us was sure really whether to get up and hope to die farther back or stay down or what. Dj had been using Astral Flow, and I believe even got a full three off, but only one mithra had died. Eventually Fran goes down, and it’s up to the mages. They manage to get one more down, leaving only Y (the DRK) up, but everyone’s pretty much dead, and soon after it’s a more or less complete wipe (everyone died once, but some had raised up and were standing back).

So Y’s there around her spawn point, and DF, Dj and I are in fairly close. Dj’s in her line of sight, DF’s off slightly to the side, and I’m a ways to side. I try to raise up (and test whether she’s sight aggro), and Y’s immediately on me, though I have a half-second since she starts with Aspir. And then smacks me back down. ;) Then for some strange reason, Y runs off and start attacking the rest of the party that was standing way back! o.O Samar’s smacked down, and Fran (up but weakened) starts kiting Y around a rock pillar. We all get raised/RRed, and start resting up, all the while with Fran kiting Y.

When we’re all unweakened and all but Fran are healed to mostly full, we get ready for our final assault on the wanna-be Evil Kitty (she aggroed to my awesomeness earlier). We let Fran run a few more laps, and then go in. DF activates Hundred Fists, I’m in there slowly Blood Weaponing (though I keep forgetting to use Souleater… been too long on THF), Samar Manafonts and starts using the highest -gas he’s got, and we all beat on Y. DF takes hate (obviously) and eventually falls, but we’re able to take Y down in the end. We finished in around 24 minutes, and the record was 4:15. We were close, yeah… >.> <.< (Probably a group that had a SMN whose 2hr wasn't resisted as much as Dj's was or a battalion of SMNs or something. ;) Getting late, but we go out to Movalpolos for the battle in another path. We'd normally have done the 50-cap Pso'Xja part first, but T had to go in a bit and we figured this 60-cap BC would be quicker. Fairly standard BC, not much interesting happened. Fran gathers and tanks the RDM and BLM moblins, DF (on BST) tries to take the bugbear (which can be called by the moblins to help) to the entrance to keep it distracted, Dj kites the THF, and Samar and I team up on the WHM. (Enough mobs yet?) The WHM goes down, and we move to the BLM, then the RDM. The bugbear comes back at one point (apparently you can't really do anything with him other than try and keep moving him back), and Fran ends up on him, while Samar and I take the THF. Get him down and finally the bugbear. Pretty easy BC. ^^ Of course, after the BC we need to try to get a gold key for everyone. The drop rate apparently sucks and there's a lot of other moblins you have to go through to get to the couple of droppers, and to top it off, there's a T-VT (to 75) moblin that likes to stick around the path you have to go on. Fun. >.< We stay there for a while, but can only manage a single key. Gonna have to do more of that later unless we manage to find keys in bazaars or something. :\ Still to do on 5-3:

  • Gold key CS
  • 50-cap Pso’Xja
  • Uncapped NM fight
  • CS in 60-cap Pso’Xja
  • Snoll x.x

In other miscellaneous news, I finally have WHM33 thanks to Besieged XP. Leveled up last night after the troll invasion. ^^