The Quick, Stabby Evil Kitty

Things are still mostly in a holding pattern, with both merit parties on hold indefinitely. I haven’t had a chance to get a party on RDM, as there don’t seem to be many people partying around my level (now 22). I guess I need to just get out there and solo more, as some XP is better than none, and none is what I’ll get if I sit around waiting. ;)

In CoP, we’re currently on 6-4, which we’ll be trying to do tonight. We were originally slated for Thursday, but due to the holiday season, not everyone was able to make it anywhere near their computer, so it got pushed back. I’m still very much confident that it’s going to be a very bad run that we won’t survive, but here’s hoping I’m wrong. Not that a first run would necessarily be likely to be successful anyway, but it’s nice to at least think you’ve got a shot at it (as opposed to being sure it’s not going to happen at all).

In somewhat related news, I’ve finally gotten a respectable +Haste setup going on. Over the weekend I was able to get both my swift belt (+4%) and a THF subligar to turn in for my rapparee harness (+4%). Calculating out the overall gain from those plus my turban (+5%), the total is around 12.4% haste. And of course, that gets combined with the increased weapon speed from subbing /NIN (+15%) and my suppanomimi (which I believe is something like +5%). If that’s all correct, it should total out to swinging around 29.3% faster.

What’s funny about the amount of +Haste I’ve got is that according to my calculations with the TP formula, if I have a hit rate of 79% with the Haste setup, I’ll get TP around 2 seconds faster than if I had a capped 95% hit rate with /NIN. It looks like it’d take around an 85% hit rate to break even with /WAR when factoring in Double Attacks.

Of course, just because I’d be getting more TP doesn’t mean I’d be doing better overall. Though at least the time difference should hopefully leave me room to improve over my normal +ATK setup. It’s hard to say, though, I’ll have to have a chance to parse it to see how things go. Even if it doesn’t beat my usual /WAR numbers, it would be nice to have a good alternative when on /NIN, since I seem to not do quite so well when I need shadows.