The Quick, Stabby Evil Kitty

Things are still mostly in a holding pattern, with both merit parties on hold indefinitely. I haven’t had a chance to get a party on RDM, as there don’t seem to be many people partying around my level (now 22). I guess I need to just get out there and solo more, as some XP is better than none, and none is what I’ll get if I sit around waiting. ;)

In CoP, we’re currently on 6-4, which we’ll be trying to do tonight. We were originally slated for Thursday, but due to the holiday season, not everyone was able to make it anywhere near their computer, so it got pushed back. I’m still very much confident that it’s going to be a very bad run that we won’t survive, but here’s hoping I’m wrong. Not that a first run would necessarily be likely to be successful anyway, but it’s nice to at least think you’ve got a shot at it (as opposed to being sure it’s not going to happen at all).

In somewhat related news, I’ve finally gotten a respectable +Haste setup going on. Over the weekend I was able to get both my swift belt (+4%) and a THF subligar to turn in for my rapparee harness (+4%). Calculating out the overall gain from those plus my turban (+5%), the total is around 12.4% haste. And of course, that gets combined with the increased weapon speed from subbing /NIN (+15%) and my suppanomimi (which I believe is something like +5%). If that’s all correct, it should total out to swinging around 29.3% faster.

What’s funny about the amount of +Haste I’ve got is that according to my calculations with the TP formula, if I have a hit rate of 79% with the Haste setup, I’ll get TP around 2 seconds faster than if I had a capped 95% hit rate with /NIN. It looks like it’d take around an 85% hit rate to break even with /WAR when factoring in Double Attacks.

Of course, just because I’d be getting more TP doesn’t mean I’d be doing better overall. Though at least the time difference should hopefully leave me room to improve over my normal +ATK setup. It’s hard to say, though, I’ll have to have a chance to parse it to see how things go. Even if it doesn’t beat my usual /WAR numbers, it would be nice to have a good alternative when on /NIN, since I seem to not do quite so well when I need shadows.

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  1. Grats again on the swift belt and the Rapparee Harness. It was fun for sure and we had alot of skilled people that made the NMs into quick work. When I did this before it was alot of deaths killing them, but we also didn’t have many mages since everyone wanted to come as DD. I have noticed the belt helping alot actually, even though it’s only 4% it seems to have made a significant improvement in TP gain.

    I will be crossing my fingers for you guys doing 6-4 tonight, and I truley hope everyone listens to the strats and has a CCB per person every time this is attempted. I can not stress the importance of that enough lol and sound like a broken record. If all doesn’t go as planned at least this will be a learning experience and you guys can modify the strat again. Don’t give up if you fail though, I know moral will be low if this doesn’t go smooth, but I have seen groups break too easily to this BC. Just keep trying at this til it gets done and hell worse case if i’s a matter of the incorrect jobs then you guys can always make 2 groups if you can find enough people to help with the battle.

    Keep me posted tonight and let me know how it goes.

  2. Well, our jobs are NIN, THF, MNK, BLM, WHM, SMN, and a couple of us have different possible jobs to bring 60-cap, so we should be fine there, I expect. I’m just less than confident about one member of the group, and I know you know who that is (and sounds like you were a little worried for us, too).

    Again, I’m hoping I’m wrong, but so far I haven’t had much cause to have real confidence in our ability to pass this fight, given the importance of everyone giving it 100% of their attention and how that test has not exactly been passed in recent history.

  3. It is very true that everyone needs to be on the ball in that BC to win and that you need to work well and make fast decisions. The tank and the WHM are 2 of the jobs that need to focus the most in this as if the tank drops it quickly goes to hell from there. Luckily everytime except for a few in which the RDM in our group was not paying attention as much as he could have gone pretty smooth, but we had some good players and that makes the world of a difference.

    I have helped alot of people with this BC and have pretty much won everytime minus a few times. the night we did it with Canas and Agas group we had to go in twice and won 2/3 fights that night.

    The setup you have is pretty good actually and with that I am sure you can pass this as long as you guys have all the details nailed down. From placement of each seperate NMs to where you can or can not stand to when you should use your CCB and be on the ball to use it. I really suggest everyone make sure this is all dialed down and especially to the person that seems to make this hardest make sure they know their role.

    I will be on tonight so if you guys would like Lusha and I can help go over a strat as we have hands on experience with this. I just hope everyone that is going in tonight realizes that this is not a push over BC and that the focus and teamwork has to be there for this to be succesful. Anyways, hit me up if you want me to help go over things you might need to know with the group.

  4. 5/6 of us are good, but that other 16.7% is going to be a problem. Especially since they’ve got a history of not being able to follow simple instructions that were given mere minutes earlier. -.- With that sort of precedent, it’ll prove difficult (if not impossible) to drill into their head that they need to pay attention and do certain things at certain times in certain places. Even during Funky’s “walkthrough” he was doing, they weren’t really paying too much attention.

    This is supposed to be the single hardest mission in the game (that currently exists, at least, they could have new evilness up their sleeves for ToAU missions not yet released), and I’d certainly believe it. Everyone needs to know what they’re doing and when to do it, along with where to be at all times. If something isn’t spot on, it could potentially cause a cascade which might send us hurtling toward total annihilation.

  5. I couldn’t agree with you more, if even one person is not fully ready for this fight it will be the end of that fight and very fast. The thing that would bug me is that everyone is spending so much gil on meds, CCBs and so on to complete this just to have 1 person ruin it all cause they didn’t take it seriously. I can’t think of a harder BC than this and have never had a challenge like this even after beating it.

    A few tips for ya to pass along:

    1. Click the gate and get the CS and then exit the battle so you dont waste time on the first CS. Then when you go in for real you can blaze thru the 1st CS.

    2: Blaze thru all CSs, yes it sucks to not be able to see the story, but you will need all the time possible for the fights.

    3: If you wipe to the mammets, let it kick you out and start over. Do not use any 2hrs on the mammets as you will need them later.

    4: If you do end up losing you can try and charge the 2hrs with a COR, I can help there and meet ya if you guys wipe and need these charged providing we get lucky on the role.

    5: Bat earings for the NIN and blind pots will make the mobs miss like mad.

    6: Have the SMN or WHM just spam the person aggroing all the mammets to keep them alive if they get hit. They have horrible ACC so I would think a THF might be best at this. Maybe even equip a Earth staff to lessen dmg taken if hit.

    7: Bring meds like they are going out of style.

    8: Try and have fun with it, cause the more ya do it the more annoying it gets and try and have fun on the 1st try.

    9: Realize this is the last hard fight. =)

  6. Funky’s setup for us had NIN gathering, and THF (me) on disposal duty with MNK (DF). He was worried about us not having a second voke, so I’m not sure why he didn’t have me in charge of the gathering and distraction, though of course I wouldn’t have access to Utsu: Ni, which might cause some issues if they got some nasty crits in or something. *shrug*

    I’ve spent like 200K on meds for this one fight, it’s going to suck seeing them all get wasted. >.<

  7. I would go with you on distraction and not kite them. I have had people kite these before and it isn’t worth it. Just stay in the corner and let them swing at you. You can go one of 2 ways for weapons to help with this, A: Wind staff for the +10 EVA or B: Earth staff for the -20% dmg. It is worth picking one of those up as every little bit helps.

    How much are CCBs going for now adays anyways? Back when Lusha and I did this they were 500k a pop and it was just insane so we farmed our own. You might even want to consider bat earings as well for your job as that +30 EVA will help out nicely. I think I have some blinding potions you can use if ya don’t want to buy a whole stack. i really don’t think they will touch you with as much EVA you have and with the proper gear and food you will be a force to mess with and only things that will get ya are the spells, but Stoneskin should absorb a decent amount.

    When I tanked this as NIN I had some serious hate issues with being blinded and with everyone dishing out some serious dmg so you will be a blessing to your tank tricking dmg on them. Make some nice SCs, fusion if possible for the BLM to burst on, the SCs to awesome dmg. You will also want to use your 2hrs at the right times. One of the mobs is pretty weak to MNK dmg, I just can’t remember which. On the mob that is weak to H2H, have the MNK 2hr at 25% and try and zerg the rest of him to kill him before he rages (usually at 25% on both mobs).

  8. Sorry the attempts didn’t go too smooth last night, but you guys got further than most on their first try. Just gotta keep on trying and not give up and you guys will do it. Hope you guys kick the hell out of next attempt and if you need to borrow any gear you feel might have helped don’t hesitate to ask.

    Something I mentioned to Samar which is used alot on HNMs is a ELE resist set. There are a few pieces of gear that are extremely cheap you can use for the mammets to lower nuke dmg. Green Ribbon +1 for example is +10 to all elemental and is dirt cheap (5k or so) as well as a few other pieces. Might want to consider this as everything can help.

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