Branded By Lightning

Well, after countless attempts (somewhere on the order of 12 or so, I think), we’ve finally managed to get through 6-4 in one piece. We borrowed Machy’s NIN so we had someone with experience to help us in any sort of sticky spots we got into, and so split into two groups (with one person different between the two).

The first round we went with NIN THF MNK SAM SMN WHM#1. We got through to Ultima, but didn’t end up making it, and were pretty much doomed before we used our CCBs.

While we waited for 2hrs to recharge, we reformulated and had WHM#1 change to RDM. We then swapped our remaining WHM in for the SAM and had a go of it. We had a bit of work to do, but we ended up squeaking through with a time of 44:09. We wiped twice and it was a little rough at times, but we made it. And there was much rejoicing.

Then we had our 2hrs reset (successfully, for once) by a friend with a COR (that was attempt #3 for those interested), and swapped the SAM in for the SMN. We went in, and this time sailed through the first two fights very nicely. We beat Omega with just over 22 minutes remaining on the timer, and we did wipe once during the fight. We worked Ultima over pretty well up until one point where he decided to take it personally and pretty well rape our little group. I was taking quite a bit of a beating, and we ended up with a nice little wipe and nearly everyone without RR up. And to top it off, Ultima only had a sliver of HP left by that point. Somehow we could be in trouble and yet drop the biotechs’ health pretty decently prior to finally going down. To top it off, we wiped with around 11-12 minutes remaining. So we leisurely Raised back up and rested up, and proceeded to make our final assault on Ultima, when Machy ran up and…. it died. o.O A Chi Blast from DF’s MNK and a single katana hit from Machy and it was dead. 217 damage. A nice SA from me would’ve done that much prior to wiping. (I tried, but it’s hard when everyone else is dead.)

It was definitely an exciting night, especially since we were able to get everyone through in one night.

Things to take away from our ordeal:

  1. RDM is essential — When T swapped over, we won. 1/1 (2/2 at the end of the night) with a RDM in the group.
  2. SAM/RNG is awesome — After Dj (SMN) had to log and we put Samar (SAM) in, we sailed through the mammets and Omega (or as “sailed through” as is possible on that thing). He even got decent damage on Ultima, he said.

Definitely glad that’s over, and here’s looking forward to the upcoming (all uncapped!) missions…. ^^