{Refresh} {Do you need it?}

Well, I’m now officially a Refresh Whore. Just went from 35-41 this weekend (37-41 tonight o.O), and am now a Refreshing machine. As I hear it, everyone will be tripping over themselves to invite me, though of course we’ll see. It’s on good authority (by… well, every RDM I know, pretty much), but I remember when people would grab any mage to help heal, and I’ve been sitting on my tail quite a bit lately. Though recently while seeking I’ve been soloing some EP-DC mobs outside Jeuno, so it hasn’t all been a waste of time.

In tonight’s party, I got to party with a nice and good NIN (Amaya), and was apparently some sort of mentor to the other RDM in our group (Sobant). Though don’t ask me what I did, because damned if I know. o.O I just came into the party as a replacement for a SMN they had, and basically forced my will upon the group, doing the buffs/debuffs I wanted. XD We eventually settled into an unspoken pattern of which spells we’d cast, though I was basically being the RDM, leaving him to watch and clean up behind me with things like Poisona (which I couldn’t even cast, being /BLM tonight). I guess it worked out well, though.

We even spent most of the night as a group of five, destroying worker crawlers for a while, before moving to nest beetles and destroying them, as well. What was hilarious was seeing a group camp on top of us near the end of Amaya’s and her THF friend’s time with the group and seeming to do okay, and then later (after replacing all the people who had left) seeing the dead bodies piling up in their camp, while we’re still running with just five.

In any case, there’s much {fun} & {excitement} and massive abuse on the horizon, so we’ll see how all this plays out as I continue on my little RDM journey. ;D Just need to farm more, since even buying electrum rings is proving difficult, what with the 100K a week for Limbus costs and food/supplies for it, too. ;)

The Monthly Mega Update

I could’ve sworn I’d done some updates after the last one, but obviously not, so here they are….


After managing to finally get past 6-4 (easy with a RDM for some reason), we’ve continued on and are now on 8-1. In between there wasn’t much of note: a few CSes, a few uncapped NMs, and then Tenzen and his taru posse. Tenzen was pretty much a pushover, though I did kind of get a bow WS to the face for over 2.5x my max HP (DRK tank ftw). Dj raised me just in time for him to give up, too. ;) (Reminiscent of a lot of Besiegeds lately.)

We’re on break now for T, and I’m not sure when we’ll come off. Hopefully soon, we’re close to the end, and I’d at least like to be able to help Machy and Lushie out when they’re trying to farm stuff in Ru’Hmet and such (which I’m locked out of until we beat 8-1).


I’ve been doing assaults with the EM group on Fridays, and am partway through Private First Class. Missions definitely range from stupidly easy to annoyingly difficult and/or luck-based. Apparently any time I need tips on missions, I can probably go to Mac, though, since he’s been doing assaults with another LS group (Federation) and they’re near the end of the currently-available missions.


With having Al’Taieu access, I’m able to do Limbus, and have started going with the Federation folks. I’d go with EM, but they have some pretty late times to accomodate all the Australians in the shell, and it’s just not feasible for me. Instead I have Tuesdays at 7pm and Saturdays at noon to do it. We’ve done Apollyon SE and Temenos E so far, and won both times.

The Apollyon run was really easy, though for the kraken NM apparently they like to do a trio method of killing it, and there was a bit of deathga for those involved. ; ; Other than that, it was pretty much your standard “PCs rape the zone” run. Ancient beastcoins were dropping like candy, and a few AF+1 upgrade items dropped, too.

The Temenos run was against a lot of elementals, and occasionally an avatar (one chest that drops contains the avatar). We did fairly well, though there were a few nasty spots where mages (and a few others, like Cal (Calixta) and Chakotay (the other THF in the run, and the puller/assist)) were decimated. People just got up and kept going, though. ^^ We ended up getting to fight Ifrit, Ramuh and Fenrir. :D


To give Blau an outlet for having some fun and some XP/LP, I’ve been working on building my RDM up (since THF + DRG wouldn’t go particularly hot). So far I’ve gotten it to 35, and have built up my BLM to 23. Hard to judge how I like RDM until I get experience 41+. Machy and Mac both have the same sort of story to tell: invites will pour in (they are hard to come by right now), but it’s an abusive relationship normally (since everyone wants Refresh and Dispel and sometimes Haste and cures and enfeebles and what, you can’t get all that [b]NOW[/b]?). So while it’s going pretty well now (other than some boredom from only really being able to contribute enfeebles and cures decently, and sometimes being with another RDM who’s handling enfeebles and such), we’ll see how it goes once I get to Refresh Whore stage. >.>;;

THF’s been on the negative XP track for a while, and I finally switched back over to XP mode so the few Besiegeds I’m able to participate in on it will at least help get me a decent buffer again. I’ve considered trying to seek on it, but with the sheer number of 75s seeking, and how many THFs that usually includes, I always give up before I begin, since it’s not exactly productive sitting on your tail all day. x.x