Over halfway through RDM AF…

Went from 54-56 in a pretty awesome party last night in Wajaom. Gotta love those Lesser Colibri, being nice and squishy. A friend (Raydin on his WAR56) and I were sitting around for a while in Aht Urgan, and decided that if either of us got an invite, then we’d try and get the other into the party if possible. Turns out, though, that a NIN57 started seeking a little while later, so Ray went ahead and started piecing together a party. Ended up rounding out with a WHM57, SAM56/RNG and a crazy JP DRK57/NIN (more on that in a bit).

While the camp right outside Al Zahbi was open, we were worried what would happen to our XP if we were there when the soon-to-happen Besieged was over (everyone loves soloing them at 75 for small bits of XP, and don’t care who was there first), so we ended up west a little, in another camp near one of the Aydeewa entrances. I was hoping for the Leypoint (birds everywhere), but this was decent enough, with something like 7 spawns. It was enough for constant kills in the beginning anyway, later on as people leveled up and we got into a good groove, we’d have bouts of everyone running around looking for any birds hiding in bushes (I got to play with some RDM pulling, though usually my spells got resisted and I’d get smacked around a little ;).

My duties (since we had a WHM) ended up settling out as Refreshing myself and the WHM (the DRK rarely cast anything, and apparently had Sanction Refresh on, so I never had to help her with MP), trying to do light enfeebles (the melees killed pretty quickly, so I wouldn’t waste much MP on trying to make sure everything stuck), and later on Hasting the NIN (since the WHM was slacking off in that department, and the NIN kept having to request Haste). Oddly enough, while I was doing fine with enfeebles sticking by the end of my last party (on Lesser Colibri), I was having a hell of a time this time out, even after leveling up more. I’m not sure what the difference was, especially since I had elemental staves for enfeebles this time, so if anything they should’ve been sticking better (though maybe procing less due to not having the INT/MND+6 from my wand). :\ It was odd and annoyed me, but the melees were killing quickly enough, so I consoled myself with Dia II’s inability to be resisted and the Frosts I was able to land helping them kill a little faster. Paralyze and Slow the NIN had anyway, and the WHM would sometimes be casting, as well, so there’s always backup.

Ray was doing the normal WAR/NIN dual axes thing, and the SAM/RNG was doing his /RNG thing, using Meditate and a Soboro for TP gain and then firing off Sidewinders for WS/SC work. The NIN was puller, and was pretty good about finding another and bringing it back to the “camp” (loose term, since we moved around some). Yeah, he was main tank and puller both, but hate moved around with people going crazy on WSes and such, especially with…

…the DRK/NIN. I swear, she’s one-of-a-kind, this one. Ray said she has -Enmity merits, and she’d have to to survive with what she was doing. o.O She came with her own personal WHM, if that tells you anything. x.x She’d use SE and LR when they were up, especially when she had TP and we were later in the chain. I had filters on so I just saw special actions and such (no damage), but during SE, her HP would plummet like nobody’s business, and her WHM would be spamming Cure IV/V on her (usually preemptively, since they were probably in constant communication and knew the drill anyway). She could really destroy a mob like that, though of course she held hate for the last bit of life.

At one point, since we’d been doing really well and birds were becoming extinct, she suggested we try Defoliators in Aydeewa (usually a 59ish spot). We went in, but it was pretty full in there. Finally found one and killed it all right, but it was a bit slower than we were used to outside. So off we went to return outside and dealt with the slow repops. Still managed some chain 7s even with waiting around somehow. o.O (Got an 8 at one point earlier when the SAM 2hred, that was amusing. ;)

When the dust settled, I’d ended up going from @4200 to 55 to 9500 into 56, or a grand total of 26500, all in a few hours. And that’s with being 3 levels lower than the highest-level. o.O The DRK had to leave when the NIN was @800, so we stayed a little extra to get his level for him, and did pretty well as 5. XP was flowing pretty well (I remember a chain 4 for 210+). Groups looking to extend the lifetime of colibri could probably, with just minor tweaking, do really well with a party of 5 and take advantage of their squishiness, the ToAU Sanction XP bonus, and the new party of 2-5 XP bonus.

Definitely worth the sitting around for a little, though my apologies to Funky for not ending up being able to tag along for another round of PFC Assaults. :) (Got to have some fun with Preemptive Strike a few days ago. Now around 5-7 points from SP.)

And I guess while on some recent fun little events, I did my first ISNM60 (as RDM54). My orders we ended up wiping on, but went 5/6 overall, and I had fun. The battle consisted of a single wamouracampa, which would alternate between being curled up and having normal hate rules and fully extending and running around like a thing possessed while on speed and crack and about 15 other drugs. o.O I got to be the busy one the whole time, trying to keep Gravity and Bind on, plus Refreshing almost everyone (party was PLD, BLM, SMN, SMN, RDM, SAM). It was a fun busy, though, even though being 54 I got a lot of resists on my spells. Gravity probably stuck around half the time, while Bind was nearly worthless and I just tried when Gravity was resisted.

On the ToAU front, Funky organized an AUM15 (Black Coffin) run the end of last week. Took three groups through that. That was a pretty easy mission, though our PLD got confused about how to assist Gessho and was waking up slept mobs because they were pink (from BLMs casting Sleep/ga). Got it sorted out eventually, though. The crew members were stupidly easy, though of course Carnal Nightmare sucked as much as it does in Sacrarium. >.< Finally, subjobs; I've been working on BLM and WHM, and managed to get BLM up to 35, and WHM to 34. So as /WHM I'm set until RDM70, and /BLM is set until RDM72. I could probably gimp by until 75 if I wanted, but I want to get them both capped off sooner rather than later, and then sell my gear for them to free up room. Probably once I hit RDM60 and can wear all my AF. ^^