Baby {Bee}smaster

I’ve been working on BST a little lately, and had a chance to spend a good deal of time on it this weekend, since I’d either have plans later on or RDM seeking seemed bad (one RDM60 was seeking for a few hours while I decided to do BST, since he and a RDM62 were both seeking when I wanted to XP). Now up to 16, so I have Stay, which is nice since seeing an angry mob bearing down on you (even though it’s still on your pet) is a little worrisome. ;) I’d been leveling in Tahrongi for a while, mostly off EP-DC mobs. I’d tried some harder mobs like dhalmels, but most of the time it seemed like my selection was all DCs and Ts, and it would take around three DCs to get a T to where I might have a chance to kill it safely. Though usually it would decide to Healing Breeze and then eat me. >.< Thanks in part to the Signet update, I got quite a few levels over the weekend (started at 11 or 12), and only died three or four times. ^^ Death is annoying normally, but when you have to trek back from Al Zahbi because you're stubborn and refuse to move your HP from there, it can be very time-consuming.

A little of this, a little of that…

So there’s been various miscellaneous goings on since last I posted.

On the RDM front, I’ve managed to hit level 60, and damn I love that hat. 10% cast time reduction was really noticeable in my party; much more than I thought it’d be. And the 5% extra recast reduction never hurts. I’ve gotten a spider torque through some BCNM60 funds (no way the enfeebling torque is worth an extra million or so for only +2), now I just have to wait until I hit 64 to use it. ;)

My BLM and WHM subs for RDM are both stuck at 35. Invites have sucked on both, so it’s been excruciating trying to get them those last two levels. One of these days, I guess, but I’m clear up until RDM72 on having capped subs, and if I wanted to gimp by, those last two levels on each really don’t seem to give me anything worthwhile to a RDM72+. (But whether it’s “okay” or not, I’d still rather not be forced to do that.)

THF and DRK are mostly stagnant with the 75 scene being a bit overwhelming for trying to seek for merits (usually several THFs and DRKs trying to seek, so I don’t waste my time). Just have to hope RDM can get me somewhere when it hits 75, I guess. I did buy a DH to try and boost my performance for Limbus and such. Remains to be seen whether it’s worth its price tag, but it’s at least something different, and the stats should really help from the calculations I’ve seen. ^^

On the Limbus side, we’ve recently done two Proto-Ultima runs. Lost both: the first time due to its massive Regen when it went unclaimed after it kept mopping the floor with us, and the second time from the time limit with it at under 1%. >.< That last time, we were down two people from one not being able to get in the zone for some reason, and the other getting a Black Screen of Death. >.< We so would've won. ; ; Oh well, next time we should get it and hopefully we'll get some good drops for our mages. ^^ In miscellaneous news, Al's come back to us (finally), and Samar's still missing. Asked Kross to try emailing him if he had an email for him, but haven't heard anything back on that front. Nobody seems to know what going on. Not like Samar to not have told us he was deactivating/quitting/whatever, and I haven't gotten any responses from my attempts to email him. Still hoping everything's okay. ; ;