First foray into solo RDM

Last night, Blau went to bed really early, so I meandered on to grab AH proceeds, and ended up talking to Machy a little, asking about if/when I could solo stuff decently on RDM (now at 65). He ended up suggesting playing with the RNG qiqirn in Aydeewa, so I splurged on some wizard cookies and wandered out there to try my hand at it.

Fights probably took around 6-7 minutes or so (never timed it, so have to guess based on how many buffs I had to reapply), and netted me 276-322XP per rat. These RNG, unlike most, actually remain at range, so they stand there and only fire an arrow every few seconds. So the fights work out to be arrows vs. magic. I stand in one spot with Stoneskin and Phalanx up, lobbing spells (usually Blizzard/Fire II, since Thunder II seemed to get resisted more often, and I’m gimpy and don’t have Stone III yet), while it stands in another spot and shoots arrows at me every once in a while. I exhaust my MP, Sleep it, rest up, and then start going again. Usually I can Convert once a fight, so when that’s up I’d Sleep the mob, Convert, Cure IV x2, then resume.

All in all, I got 2.7K XP down there for a short stay, getting a feel for the area and the process. It’s not record-breaking XP by any means, but it’s fairly simple. When my Stoneskin and Phalanx are down, I’m only taking 56 damage with Protect IV up, so I’ve got a bit of a margin for error. May end up going down while seeking and such, or when I’m bored and want something easy to go do. ;)