Nearly Brutal…

I’ve been doing Limbus with Federation since February, and in all that time I’ve only seen one THF AF+1 upgrade item drop (and I didn’t lot, as it was my first run with them). We’ve tried doing some zones that are supposed to drop THF pretty well, or at least have a lot of floors with THF available, to no avail. I’m up to a total ancient beastcoin count of 64, just 11 shy of being able to buy a Brutal. With the normal amount of coins we get each time, that’s probably around three more zones. A bit depressing, especially since all I want (right now, anyway) is to upgrade my AF gloves for the 15% AGI bonus on TA. So far I’m not that excited about any of the other THF pieces, and none of the DRK pieces really catch my eye. I haven’t looked at the RDM items, though we don’t get many RDM upgrade items, so might not be in my best interest to care about those. ;)

And speaking of Limbus, lately we’ve had a real lack of support. We’ve wiped to Proto-Omega for the second time in a row due to lack of BLMs showing, and normal runs seem to be getting smaller and smaller. Saturdays took the earliest hit, even though most people should be free then. We used to have 15 people on normal runs, and this last one we barely managed 10. There’s the possibility that we’ll either flat out cancel the sea stuff, or at least put it on hold and do some recruitment to get some reliable people in the LS. Federation’s nice because they know people have lives and RL obligations, and that things come up, but everyone still needs to be courteous and let the leaders know if they’ll have to miss a run or will be backing out. Just seems like people don’t show up, and we have no idea what’s up. We used to have issues with people just showing up late (sometimes very), but now we’ve got people just not being around at all. Not conducive to getting zones clears and biotechs killed for their organs. Granted, not everyone would be able to benefit from the win, but for those who don’t get anything out of a given event, but always help anyway, the shell will do events to help them out later on, so it’ll all even out in the end.

Hopefully it all turns out, I’d like to see us start getting some (non-head) Homam in the LS. So far only Stargazer has the hands, and that’s it.

First Manaburn

Had my first manaburn experience tonight, trioing a little before bed with Calixta and Priotess. Went up to the usual spot on Mount Zhayolm and had at wamouracampa. Went all right, other than all the resists I was dealing with. That should get better over the next few levels, though. I ended up dying and losing more than I’d gained, but we had a bad link I couldn’t sleep, and hadn’t been there all that long in total (started kinda late).

Working on SAM some, got it up to 17 this weekend. Had some fun with Third Eye in one of the few decent parties available in the Dunes these days, gaining around 4 levels in one party.