Long Time, No Post

Haven’t posted in a while, though there hasn’t been much interesting enough for me to post here. As noted in the comments of my last post, I did finally get my Brutal, which is pretty nice. I’ve also managed to finally collect the two THF AF+1 upgrades I needed, but now I’m stuck on needing sheep chammy, which is apparently a 60K item for some reason. x.x

After a long break, Section 31 (the endgame branch of Federation) is back doing biotechs in Limbus. We’ve had two successful Ultima runs, and have started our first of three Omega runs. I was RDM and weakened most of tonight’s run, but we did win, and a body actually dropped (for Chakotay). I’m really interested in the legs (red shorts ftw), so here’s hoping they manage to drop Saturday for me. ^^

Also, my RDM is nearly 73. I’m not partying it much, but I’ve been getting some XP with a friend who’s leveling three jobs up at once. So when I’m around, he likes grabbing me to be his RDM, and if I’m not around then he’ll call me. ;) Had a pretty nice party in Mamook on Spinners, which was crazy since back in static days they always seemed so annoyingly slow. Of course this last party was 3x SAM and there was the two-handed weapon update, but minor details. ;)

Finally, I’m finally raising a choco. I got a free egg from a weak ISNM run, so I figured I may as well try. Altana help it if it’s not black…. >:3