Punching, fishing and cooking, oh my!

Since my pugilism is practiced with Nym’s maraudery (it’s a word now!), during “downtime” I’ve been taking up fishing and cooking. Fishing I enjoyed on Drakor during open beta, and wanted to continue. Cooking uses fish, and at rank 1 you can start cleaning fish to get at the sand inside (presumably used in alchemy). Most fish aren’t worth much (especially tiger cod, 12 gil each for NQ — each +1 adds 10% to the cost), and fish are plentiful, so it’s an easy way to rank up especially since many times there’s only one or two rank 1 local (crafting) leves and rank 5s would be pushing it a bit. Through fishing and later cleaning several caught fish and doing a few cooking leves, I’ve gotten to FSH09 and CUL07. FSH is close enough to rank 10 that I’ve started doing some rank 10 fishing leves (rank 10 rewards are about 10x the rank 1 rewards, so generally 3-5K gil and any equipment in the reward is likely to be better). While the skillups bonuses have indeed been partially taken away (you now only get bonus skill for “catch X of Y” leves whereas before on “evaluate these fishing spots” you would get bonus skill for any fish caught in the target school), it’s still an okay thing to do at least until such time as you’re doing leves for a lot of different jobs (then it’ll pretty much just be if you really need the gil or the reward includes a piece of equipment you want).

I’m not sure what all jobs I’ll end up taking up, but I anticipate trying a little of everything at the very least. I’d like to be able to repair my own gear and ideally craft a little of it until such time as we’ve got something as usable as an AH for buying and selling goods, though it’s not always the most efficient use of time, materials or gil. For now at least the rank 1 stuff (and any leve rewards) should be good enough along with the NPC repair (which now repairs to 75% instead of only 50% and costs have dropped for the smaller/less-complicated items such as my pantalettes which were something like 21 gil to repair — though I swear that elezen was taking his time since I had to keep them on -.-).

Nym and I ran into an issue for the first time (for us) last night doing leves: at times she or I would show as in a different region (“???” for HP/MP) and one of us would be likely to be locked out of attacking the leve mob as we would be told “the target is already engaged” even though it was engaged by the other member of the party! I generally try and ensure that we both get at least one hit on every mob we fight so we both get XP and at least one chance at SP, but that flew out the window when only one of us might be able to attack. >.< It would come and go from mob to mob and sometimes it would correct itself even on a single mob, but it was rather frustrating. I'm certainly not one to go off on a rant since even though it's launched there's still always going to be some bug or other around, but I've at least reported it and assume many others have, as well, so hopefully they'll be able to figure it out and get it taken care of for us.

Collector’s Edition is Go

Despite Best Buy’s attempts to deny me (and most of the rest of the country) my CEs, I was able to go to the nearest Gamestop and pick two up off the shelf (well, he did that since they were behind the counter, but close enough). Then immediately cancelled my BB preorder. Supposedly BB copies will be available tomorrow, I suppose we’ll see (hopefully most people were able to get copies elsewhere since even Amazon still had stock and so you could order with next-day shipping and get it today).

So last night was a flurry of installing the two copies on three machines (my laptop more for clearer creation as well as possibly being able to fish or something if I turn down the buffering until everything looks like crap so I can run), getting the registration codes entered in, grabbing the 400MB patch (over uTorrent again, unfortunately, but the SE patcher is still a bit of a problem for me), and getting characters officially created on Besaid. Luckily we were keeping Tri and Nym the same as OB so we could just use the versions we had saved (there are eight save slots for nearly-created characters so you can either stop just shy of picking a world, or in case you want to tweak something after creation so you don’t have to enter in every single value again from scratch). Evil Kitten #1 was sick a lot, though, so we didn’t get much playtime in, just enough to get out of the intro instances and into the world at large. Since we didn’t know how much consecutive time we’d have (she was getting sick every half-hour or so), instead of bothering with the intro guildleve (“My First Adventure” since we’re both DoW) we just ran down the road toward Cedarwood from Limsa, killing stray rats as we came across them. We picked the Cedarwood route because that goes toward the rank 20 camp and thought maybe people would stick closer to Limsa and the rank 10 camp, but it was fairly busy all around. We managed around level and rank 3, not too bad for very limited playtime and it being crowded.

One thing I’m a bit disappointed about is it sounds like at least for fisher (and presumably all DoL at the least), the leve skill bonus has been tuned way way back. It used to be you’d get about 7 times the “normal” skill points for catching a leve-target fish (up until your last), but now it’s more like only a 10% bonus or something. Haven’t seen for myself since I didn’t have time to get a fishing pole and bait last night, but it’s kind of a bummer, on Drakor I was able to rank up FSH about as quickly as MRD by doing leves. Granted usually you’ll just be fishing 3-6 times or so for a leve and so would get 2-5 bonuses, but that translates to 12-30 “extra fish” per leve, times 4 leves if you clear out a particular camp. We’ll see how it goes in practice, and there’s always time for it to be tweaked later.

FFXIV Open Beta over

Bah, I misread the end time of OB and thought it was 7pm Pacific instead of 5pm, so we didn’t have a chance to get on before the servers were all shut down. Now to wait for release to come to continue (er, restart, but close enough). Need to get a short “retrospective” post up, but for now, here’s a couple of shots from OB:

Blau (now Nym(wae)) and I have been playing in OB since the start, though it took a little while to set up two computers to play FFXIV since the requirements are actually higher than Crysis. o.O So we’ve just been playing together for a short time, but we’ve enjoyed it and look forward to starting at the early release on Wednesday. I plan on getting a quick post up about my thoughts during open beta and hopefully will keep posting thoughts and images and video here throughout play. Whether or not anybody really reads, it’s still nice to have a journal of sorts to go back to for memory’s sake. ^^ (I wish I’d started with FFXI earlier and did it more often.)