More crafting

I’ve finally gotten started on “useful” crafts that can help me repair my own gear instead of going to the 75% repair NPC. I’ve so far taken up blacksmith, goldsmith, leatherworker and weaver, most to rank 7 and the last to rank 4. When repairing your own gear, it does pay to compare the price of the repair component to what the NPC charges, especially for the starter gear. For example, hempen fent sells for 240 gil at the weaving shop but my pantalettes cost a whole 21 gil to get to 75%. Certainly not worth 219 gil for the extra 25%. ;) Larger items cost more, however, such as my shirt costs 187 gil (vs. 480 gil for two hempen fents).

As I’ve got little interest so far in scouring the market wards (should be at least somewhat better in a week or so whenever they release their first upgrade, which is probably only the “specific” wards where each ward will be for a certain type of items), I’m just doing leves to level at this point. Once it’s simpler to look for ingredients (as generally many other crafting jobs are necessary to make final ingredients for a final product) and have some idea what the final product is worth (at least easier for crafted items since you know how much you paid for the components), I’ll probably start making gear to fill in between leves. It would be nice to make some of my own gear in addition to being able to repair it.

Leve failed…

So I’ve finally failed my first leve. We were out at Skull Valley doing some rank 10 leves, and Bif came on and said he was going to do some leves there, too, so we hooked up with him and started doing some 4-star leves (we’re R12, he’s R16). It was going pretty easily so on my final turn, doing The Swarm (flies/gnats/whatever, “syphid” in XIV-speak), I cranked it to 5-star because the 4s were a little easy and flies are generally easy, so what could go wrong, right?

Um, everything? We get out to the first pair, and it’s checking red. Okay, that’s a little different, but red (VT/IT) doesn’t mean the end of the world, flies are easy. We engage. I’m doing around 8 damage per hit (with my R13 bronze knuckles), Nym’s doing around 18 damage, not sure about Bif, but I’m taking flies to the face for over 200 damage! Holy hell! Since we hadn’t expected this, we were split across the two swarms and ended up dying. We return to camp, wait out the weakness, and try again, this time concentrating on one (while the other beats up whoever it feels like). We take the first out, Nym and Bif start pulling back, and I have 79HP so if it looks at me I’m dead anyway, so I go ahead and stand my ground to hopefully give the others a chance to get away. Needless to say that 79HP doesn’t last me long and the swarm heads towards Bif and Nym. I return to camp and Bif ends up dying and Nym gets away with about 25% HP remaining (which is about one hit’s worth ;).

But we got that first swarm, so now the other will be on its own, making it easier. When we all get back, it’s checking blue (EP) instead of red. When we’re all rested up we gang up on it and don’t even really break a sweat. We wait a second to top off our HP and head for the next pair, strategy in mind. We do get the third swarm killed, and of course (since this is a rank 10 leve) the fourth flees to wrangle more friends. It should be easy to kill, though we’ll have two others banging on us at the same time. But the strategy’s the same: kill the weak one, then run the hell away. So we go in, and this time the swarm knows what’s up and it’s flying all over the place. I’ve aggroed them all but nobody else is in a position to attack yet. Everyone’s finally on it, but I succumb to the incessant biting of the flies and have to return to camp. Bif and Nym quickly die afterwards, and as I’m running back to the fight while weakened I run across one of our leve mobs heading for me and die most spectacularly. >.< I've seen this once before at Drybone, doing a dodo leve (see the last post). If you step outside camp there's a chance that you'll somehow aggro one or more mobs. On that other leve, when I died I saw that one dodo start running off immediately. I'm not sure if it's because Nym was outside the camp when I died so hate shifted (and that could be what happened to me last night) or what, but it's rather disconcerting seeing that red dot near camp coming to eat you (or a friend). x.X At this point we've only got one minute left, so I just camp out in the camp since there's no way we'd be taking out the three that were up, much less the two extra that should've come from the sixth swarm fleeing once we got to that point. Live and learn. Flies are not easy on 5-star. >.>

Touring the world

Well, maybe not quite to that extent, but we did run from Limsa to Gridania last evening, picking up aetherytes so we can hit up more places for rank 10 leves and as a break from smashing mobs’ faces in. Very familiar, seems almost like the last time I made this run in OB. ;) Since it took the evening to run from LL to Ul’dah to Gridania, we left leves until tonight. Since Gridania still apparently sucks at Emerald Moss (wolves’ positions have been tweaked but yarzon added to the mix), we ported back to Ul’dah and did a few leves at Drybone. Yarzon still suck (a trio would leave me nearly dead even as a duo on a 2-star leve), and dodos are still annoying. We had a wipe on dodos and apparently one decided to take a run all the way to the camp to try and take Nym out again. x.X Luckily I saw a red dot streak past on the minimap and was able to (eventually) stop it and beat it into submission (while weakened, I might add) before it ate Nym’s face.

Finally bothered setting up my retainer in the Limsa wards. East Frippers was full, so Middle Frippers it is. We’ll see if any of the random junk I posted sold. Since there’s nothing even remotely like an AH yet, it’s difficult to determine value on goods at this point: whether buying or selling you need to try and look at as many bazaars as you can to make a guess at what a reasonable price is. And looking at that many bazaars literally takes hours. >.< Though sometimes certain goods (weapons especially) aren't very available, so you have to take what you can get. I spent 53K on a pair of bronze knuckles to upgrade my starter hora, which I think is a bit high, but weapons do seem to be rare, and the bone hora would go for 29K, so it seems on the curve, at least. Surely we'll have an AH-like experience at some point and buying and selling will get simpler and we can get the economy nailed down a bit. Until then, it's still very much the wild west in terms of pricing.