MRD healer ftw!

So last night, Novek and I and two other LS-mates went out to do some R30 leves. I wanted to work on getting GLA up to 21 with my other new jobs, but my attempt to find arbor squirrels near Tranquil didn’t pan out (a whole one spawn point wtfsrsly), so it was nice to actually do something productive (and get some SP on MRD since it’s hard to solo effectively and with my schedule and being a MRD, it’s hard to really get into random parties).

We started out with a half-party with Valief and Chitte, but only got in a quick Behest with Val at Nophica’s Wells before she had to run off to a prior engagement (that was gathering sooner than planned), so we started R30 leves with a trio (PGL30, CON28, MRD27). We got through three leves or so, and Chitte had to leave to go do some RL stuff, so Novek and I pushed on as duo PGL30 and MRD27, with me taking up the role of healer (because by then both healer types had gone).

Novek’s pretty adept at soloing and seems like he’s gotten his action bar (and any related macros) laid out well, so healing him isn’t that big of a deal usually, which is why I think it ended up working out for us (no deaths, and we were usually 2-starring leves, including one imps leve o.O). I kept Protect/Shell and Shock Spikes on him (ignoring myself since usually I wasn’t a major enmity factor), and trying to keep him mostly topped off with Sacrifice and Cure. We did have a scare or two (such as the imps’ penchant for whatever the heck it is that AoEs for huge damage), but we always managed to get through it. By the end of the leve set, we’d both gotten a level (I think I gained a full level, as I’m around halfway into MRD28 — of course, I burned through my Guardian’s Favor pool, too).

So at least I’ve found a use for my lolMRD: healer for a PGL! Hurray for being not-totally-useless. ;)

More jobs

I’ve been a little restless on the jobs lately; I’ve decided to start building up some of the jobs I hadn’t started yet, and have brought LNC up to 21 (to be equal to my still-staticked PGL and my CON) and GLA (plus shield) up to 16 as of tonight. I was surprised by just how well LNC was going: I was able to do solo leves at higher star values than I was on MRD (PGL was always duo, so no basis for comparison). GLA has felt a little pathetic in comparison, but at least has been getting a little better.

Speaking of feeling pathetic, I joined along on an R30 run in Nanawa the other day with my MRD (26 at the time) and was feeling rather useless (slow swings and whiffing a lot). It was one thing, though, until I saw the PGL (who’d called the leve run) ding 26. This guy had been tanking and doing a large portion of the damage at a rank lower than me. Ugh, way to twist that knife in my wound, Novek. x.X By and large, though, there are a number of jobs that get off to a slow start, and PGL isn’t one of them (LNC at least for me personally seems pretty strong out of the gate, too). MRD, though, it sounds like takes a while to build up to being decent (and GLA sounds like it’s not very respected as a main job, just for an ability pool).

There’s only one more job I’ve got left unranked: ARC. Once I’ve taken that up (planned for after GLA, though it depends on whether I can get my inventory space sorted out, since I’m 83/100 with equipment and dark matter these days), I’ll have no more DoW/DoM jobs available, and my THM06 will be the lowest job I’ve got. Of course, the highest will likely still be MRD27 (soloing gets pretty slow after 20 — especially on MRD — so even if I work on it it’ll probably be a while to hit 28).

Of the jobs I’ve taken up, I think the most-powerful ones have been PGL and LNC; those seemed to be able to hold their own pretty well. I enjoy MRD, but I guess that’s mostly just for Greataxe Kitty reasons since it’s not the most effective job at my rank (apparently). I’d love to get PGL working again, but am still holding out for Nym to come back. At least I still have the option of switching the staticked job to one of my other 21s, but of course with MRD not being as effective (and that being what job my PGL is staticked with), PGL is a good choice to help keep the damage up (and indeed I do serve as the tank — and healer since I’ve had the time to level other jobs and she’s just got MRD21 and PGL06 right now). We’ll see, though.

Patch 1.19

Well, Yoshi-P’s latest letter is out, and wow is it long…. Among the various entries in what is planned for 1.19 (currently expected to arrive late September), a few things stand out, such as the abolition of physical levels entirely. I’m a bit mixed on the subject: I thought it was an interesting idea that you grew physically independently of your job growth (as wouldn’t it make sense that someone who’s built up to a high-rank in, say, Marauder would be a little more built-up than someone just starting out in a life of adventuring?). On the other hand, it can be a bit unwieldy trying to figure out how to allocate all your stat points every physical level. I would perhaps have gone a different way, maybe, with doing away with most (or all) of the stat selection but keeping the “independent growth” idea so someone who’s R1 and lvl 50 would still be “ahead of” someone who’s R1 and lvl 1. How exactly that would be implemented, I’m not sure, but maybe some sort of race-specific allocation every level (so rogaedyn would get more strength than lalafell, say). I expect what we’re going to have come 1.19 is more FFXI-like where there’s only your job and its stats, which is a little disappointing, but I suppose there’s room for change later, if players decide that maybe they didn’t really want physical levels gone.

Something else I’m a little worried about is the plan to have chests out in the field. Currently, chests are only available inside leves (and are in a sense instanced for you: only you can get it, even though you’re in public space with other players). Chests/coffers in FFXI tended to lead to camping, especially in cases where a non-R/EX item was available, making it difficult for anyone wanting a particular item to obtain it (NMs were the same story). Maybe items would end up being either “junk” or R/EX (U/U, I suppose in FFXIV-speak, since it’s now “Unique” and “Untradable”), but I somehow doubt it.

Yet another major update is in the battle system (abilities and such), and there’s not much in the way of details there at this point. Sounds pretty big, and I guess we’ll have to see what that ends up being closer to release.

On lighter notes, it looks like they’re planning on allowing DoL jobs to stealth their way around (which is good, because they can only do 1 damage per Stone Throw use), as well as recalibrating the growth curve for DoL (likely either making it so there’s less SP/XP required to rank/level up or else giving more bonuses for gathering actions (bonuses for multiple items in an attempt, more items in a gathering session, etc.). I’m keen to see how it might benefit my FSH. Though at the same time I’d like to see how DoH progression is on leves these days, because it’s a bit daunting the SP required and how little you at least used to get from synths (even on leves).

Cure II get!

At long last, my CON finally hit R20 so I get Cure II. I was having issues finding decent mobs to kill to get from 17-20, but the leve reward changes worked out well for my CON, since on R10s I usually got around 1K in bonus SP (for “speed of completion”, which I’m not sure how quickly is quickly enough) and R20s are around 2K. Running a full 3+3 set for an area (3 each of R10 and R20) would end up as around 9K in bonus SP, plus the SP during the leves (with bonus from Guardian’s Aspect).

I’m not sure yet what my plan is now, though. I’d like to get some LNC abilities opened up, but I’m not sure if I want to have additional equipment and such taking up inventory space, and if I can get CON to 21 then I should be able to easily drop my elm cane and buy something else when I want to continue.

I really want to work on my PGL and THM more, but they’re staticked with Nym still (who is still offline) and I’m hesitant to pick either back up without her (even though she’s offered before that as long as I have something else I could static with her on, I can move those jobs on). We’ll see.

Back from Hiatus

With Nym having not felt like playing for a while and being busy with the kids and all the various changes the development team’s had planned and such, I haven’t been online for a while, but recently came back to see where things are at (and to get at least some playtime in, even if my staticked jobs are off-limits still).

The introduction of auto-attack into XIV is definitely different, and I’m still a little unsure if I like it or not. Prior to auto-attack, all actions were given by the player, and mundane actions cost stamina (which was a constantly-filling gauge) based on the “effort” involved. If you really wanted, you could spam simple attacks and hit quickly (while emptying your gauge so eventually you’d have to attack slowly if at all). Now, though, the stamina gauge is gone and everything’s on timers (DoW basic attacks are gone completely and are done as the auto-attack), so some simple attacks such as CON/THM’s spirit dart ability (previously their basic attack) can’t be done very quickly at all. Granted, CON and THM now hit things with their wands/staves, but I preferred being able to spirit dart instead (it’s on something like an 8-second timer for some reason, and it doesn’t do any more damage than auto-attack hits).

Leves have also changed somewhat, in that rewards seem to be less gil and equipment and more food items (for some reason), as well as now getting some bonus SP after completion. At least the bonus SP is nice, but I did like large gil rewards and getting potentially-usable gear out of it instead of food I won’t eat.

MRD’s up to 99% to 26, partially due to quests now giving bonus SP. One quest (on of the companion ones) gave 11K, which is just under half a rank for me at that rank (or a whole rank for my CON). I’m needing to work CON up more, but that’s proving to be more difficult than expected, especially with the auto-attack change kinda screwing DoW over on DD ability. I’ll probably have to subsist on squirrels under my level or something. :\ At some point I need to take up more of the DoW jobs, especially LNC seems like it would be a useful ability pool. I also want to do ARC, but don’t think I have the space for all the gear for these new jobs (I barely have enough gear for sharing between my combat and crafting jobs).

Speaking of crafting, I haven’t had a chance to do any leves yet and see how those are these days. I need to keep upping my crafting jobs to continue to repair my gear, but have been too busy working on murderizing things to sit in towns/camps and make stuff. ;)

As it’s August, Summerfest — I mean Firefall Faire — is going on. Here, apparently that involves being given a swimsuit (a rather tiny one in most cases) and told to leads bombards (bombs) to their doom by emoting at them. Sure, why not, makes total sense, right? I suppose it’s at least something different than yukatas and goldfish-scooping and such, though. Basically you’re sent to each region (the three city’s regions and Coerthas — Mor Dhona’s left out for some reason ;), and can partake in the festivities in either (or both) of two settlements in the region (those marked with a flag on the map). The local quest NPC apparently is worthless, though, as I was expecting instructions and to be “cleared” to participate, but the NPCs just ignore you.

You have to lead the bomb NPC into a furnace in the settlement, and lure it with certain emotes. Occasionally, a trio of mobs will spawn to attack the bomb and I guess kill it, so you also have to keep the bomb protected and kill the spawning mobs. Usually a CON or THM would be doing that, for AoE kills; my MRD was practically useless with how long before auto-attack would kick in (and I can’t do anything before then since everything else is TP-dependent). So usually I ended up just trying to time my /pose calls (one of the couple of emotes that seemed to work — I used it since that’s what most everyone was using, didn’t want to experiment much) to lure it while others handled the spawns.

Once the bomb is in the furnace, it dies and you can receive a pinch of colored ash (depending on the region you’re in) from the NPC before she runs off for the bomb again. With ash you can buy fireworks, either a usable item or a mortar to use in a fireworks cannon inside; if you set that off, then you get a new colored swimsuit based on the mortar used. Getting all four extra colors in turn unlocks functionality on the Lodestone to generate a wallpaper with you in it (“postcard wallpaper”, as I like to think of it). Interesting, though it only allows for two frames of the /pose animation, which of course for mi’qote is rather slutty. Not surprised, though. -.- The “bending over” portion is at least a little better than the “rawr” one, though, so that’s something. Did it for the hell of it.