One level closer to cap

Dinged THF79 last night (still /NIN38, loln00b), doing FoV in Ro’maeve (3 each of the lower-level weapons for 1300XP bonus — about 1900XP a cycle). I had been close to leveling for a while (since the late-night Abyssea XP party), and had ended up @1500 after some big NM kills (3K+ XP each) and many deaths in Abyssea-Attohwa doing a little NM farming run Khad was doing (with Brokiel, Fie, and Woofie). I noticed how easy the weapons were when I did the Bastok 7-1 fight for the WAR60, so figured it’d be easy enough to polish off that 1500XP and maybe a little buffer (since I die a lot more than my lvl 95 friends). Indeed it was so easy that it was little effort to get nearly 12K off pages just making a circle around Ro’maeve. I think I was out there for only an hour or so, since I logged back on after not being able to get to sleep and went to sleep around 12 or so (and had gone to bed the first time after 10:30), and had even gone to get port access to Tahrongi and buy my 4/5 aurore gear to boost my haste and ACC gear sets, then had to choco to Ro’maeve. By the time you factor in everything, it was likely under an hour and I might have been doing something like 20K/hr solo there. Regardless, it was good times, though the RDM weapons could get a little annoying with casting Diaga II on me just after I put shadows up. ;)

Prior to the solo XP fun, I went out with Khad, Brokiel, Fie and Woofie to Abyssea-Attohwa for some various NMs that people had pops for (and I was tagging along for fun and maybe lend some TH, as well as getting more acquainted with Abyssea in general). We were out there for a couple of hours, Khad ran me around to get to the spots (since I hadn’t been to Attohwa before and didn’t have the confluxes), and we killed a number of various NMs: Pallid Percy several times (I think everyone but me had a pop item), Amun (died once), Ironclad Cleaver (died several times here), and Ulhuadshi (died a couple of times here, too).

Much of my time with the NMs was sitting around waiting for triggering red or blue, but at 78 I wasn’t exactly going to be able to take a bunch of punishment and most NMs have AoEs they’ll do. I did at least get to trigger red (though I swear it looks orange) once (go go Energy Drain) on Pallid Percy.

We got a bunch of various head seals off Percy, including THF. Woofie and I each ended up with two seals, and Khad one. I even got a RDM seal for whenever I end up working on RDM (sometime after THF), since everyone else already had their +1 (or didn’t have RDM at all). Yay for extra drops (like the RDM -1 from Dynamis-Qufim). ^^ A few PLD and SAM dropped, as well, so it seemed fairly productive. Not sure the “goal” seal, but since we got at least one of everything (more THF, but that’s fine by me XD), it was at least some sort of a success. And of course, poppers got their KI for popping Ulhuadshi.

After Percy we’d headed out to #00 to check on Ironclad, and on the way checked on Amun, which was up. I was in a little close and got destroyed by an AoE spell (yay), so didn’t get to really do anything that fight (though I did send a couple of bolts its way to hopefully set base TH on it). But we got a few seals and the Ulhuadshi pop KI it drops, so I suppose it was as successful as anyone cared about.

Out at Ironclad’s area, he was up and aggroed somebody (Woofie said her, but I saw it attacking Fie, so who knows), so we had to get started without full buffs. I was allowed to melee on it, but ended up getting taken out by AoEs. Unfortunately one of the WSes I had was a possibility to trigger weakness, so I ran in to try and get more TP to hopefully trigger, but ended up getting destroyed by AoE (not surprising), so that didn’t work out. He ate a number of other people, too, as hate was a little iffy (cures, nukes, etc.). We (they) did end up killing it, though, and got full drops. I ended up with the DRG cape and the harness, not that either’s all the useful to me, but autolot decided I needed them. ;)

After that we went out to Ulhuadshi’s domain. This was an interesting fight, as Khad wanted me to alternate TA on him and SA on the landworm. In order to SA, I had to actually go “inside” the mob, though at least that made it simpler to know where was the “back” side. TAs were really hard, though, as Khad would be getting kocked back by Desiccate and had his back to a wall most of the time. Probably need to work out how to handle that better so I can TA and he can not worry about being blown into aggro mobs. I died a couple of times due to AoE (and going back for more while weakened to try and WS), but it was fun fighting a big NM like that, and interesting having to run inside it. ;) We got a bunch of drops though only proc’d yellow and so didn’t get the atma or the latent GKT. Didn’t get all the +2 upgrade items either (no THF for anyone to fight over — though I’d expect to be at the end of the line since I was only 78 and didn’t have the hands yet), but got all but THF I think and two fangs for Khad (used for a couple of weapon trials). The mitts went to me as everyone else already had them. Macro in for elemental casting on RDM or something, I guess.

Seemed a profitable night overall, though all that dying took a toll on my RR earring. Need to get another, and need to replace my food stock, as well.

Tonight’s supposed to be lowbie XP partying (level sync to someone low), so hopefully I’ll be able to work on my /NIN some. And eventually I’ll need to level DRG so I can use that cape that dropped. ;)

Breaking out the pimpness

Tonight’s festivities (which I was actually around for — Sunday’s the day when I can’t often be available) started off with Behemoth pops. Amazingly, I was able to hit pretty well and was getting decent skillups (oh, did I mention that last night Machy and Lushie took a number of us returning n00bzes to Abyssea-Grauberg for XP, and by the end of the night I was almost 79?). I only proc’d a TH boost once out of all the fights (usually Pyra was doing to the proc’ing, not sure if I just suck at /random or if it’s because she’s got more base TH so more chance to boost the level or what), but it was interesting fighting Behemoth and refreshing to be able to hit something for once. We got a KB pop out of one of them, but unfortunately I missed much of that fight due to getting my little girl to bed. He was a lot more annoying, though, with not standing still and being “out of range” even when he’s crawling around with Gravity on after whoever’s got hate, so I don’t suppose I really missed much.

After the KB (which didn’t drop a ring that people were wanting to have drop), we did a number of Behemoth KSNMs. I came RDM since it’s a chest and not drops, and boy am I rusty. :) Luckily my job was fairly simple: gravity, cures (backup for Lushie on WHM) and nukes, mostly gravity. I felt like I wasn’t doing that great (felt really rusty), but there weren’t any complaints (not that the shell has people who’d really complain about much anyway ^^), so that’s good. RDM’s my secondary job with EM events, so eventually I’ll get back into the swing of being a pimpkitty again. I was never awesome at RDM, but I was fairly decent, I think. Certainly capable enough. I’d like to get back to that. :)

At least I had a nice moment earlier in the evening where I soloed the Bastok 7-1 mobs for a guy. XD THF78 vs. two golems = no problem, apparently. ^^

Relic drops like candy

Last night was Dynamis-Qufim for some farming, and not just currency but -1 (we were just on the various beast mobs) were dropping like candy. We were getting several capes for a number of jobs, a number of BST belts, then various -1 pieces for pretty much all jobs. I ended up with -1 for THF, RDM and DRK feet, despite only actually having the DRK feet in the first place. XD We also totaled 20 currency each (more or less evenly across the types). I at least feel I did slightly better than the Kirin run last week, but not by much, since several mobs were still IT++ (even with +ACC food and gear), so those I didn’t do much other than give someone something to /assist on. Speaking of /assist, we went with split assists and my assist partner, Pyra, kept taking my mobs. XD Granted I was told to take whatever she wasn’t fighting, but sometimes I’d claim a mob as it came in, then she’d be on it. Then I’d switch to something else, and that’d be the next one she’d do. Bad luck in us picking mobs. >.< At least on mobs like krakens especially, it wouldn’t matter if I was soloing it, because I’d be doing 0 damage and so they’d never wake up. ;) Usually Machy was off soloing a third mob independent of the rest of us (he actually soloed probably 3 of the 5 TE statues). I’ll definitely be looking forward to getting some levels so hopefully I’ll be not quite as useless. ^^

Common treasure pool

My drops

After the Dynamis fun, Lushie and Machy took Brill and I out to Abyssea to try and get KIs for vistant stone generation rate and some basic atmas. We started doing tonberries in Konschtat for the stone regen, and I got mine on the first mob killed (claimed a link from Brill’s pull). Apparently Brill got his on the mob he’d claimed, but we didn’t know and so kept killing more wondering why it wasn’t working, until he said he already had it (when I told him the KI he was looking for). Doh. >.< After that we hit up La Theine with Pack and Kynji to do Briareas for abyssite, our first quest win, atma, and Pack to get some helms that he needed (and I got a jewel of vision to go toward a THF AF3 +2 upgrade when I get to that point). Once that was done, we went to Altepa for another NM Pack wanted to do, Waugyl, where we got another abyssite and I ended up with a lvl 90 scythe and atma from the dragon NM that Machy, Pack and Kynji fought as Lushie, Brill and I were en route.

By that time it was extremely late, so we called it a night, but getting two atma KIs and an AF3 +2 item and a couple of confluxes and such was a nice little start. ^^


Last night saw me poking around with my gimpy NIN doing solo FoV in Sauromugue. I ended up just wearing my BST24 gear, which is lvl 21 beetle harness gear for the most part, just because I had it and there weren’t any good sets of armor up on the AH (especially that I thought I could resell when I was done). I did at least have lvl 36 katanas and a boomerang for damage/pulling, but no earrings, gloves or mantle (have nomad’s on a mule, didn’t get it). Since the point behind FoV spam is to stack up the bonus XP by killing as quickly as possible, you end up killing EPs (which were getting me 80-110XP each), so gimpy gear isn’t quite as bad (but I still prefer to have up-to-date equipment since it’ll still help even against EPs). In the end, I got probably something like 7K XP, which took me into 38. Unfortunately, lvl 37 was the max level for the page I did (lizards and beetles) as half the mobs went TW after I leveled. It was late, though, so I ran back to the book since I’d have to change pages anyway.

If I can get some extra gear, I might try doing GoV n00b parties in CN, but we’ll see. I feel more comfortable with the slower pace, especially since it’ll be more time to recap skills (though I was getting skills off an EP coeurl that aggroed me, so no idea what gives skills anymore — used to be skills would only be mobs at your skill’s effective job level or higher, but my katana was capped for 36, I believe). At the same time, it’d be nice to get subs out of the way, and I’m not planning on taking any past 49 (for lvl 99 subs when the final level cap is done), so it’s not as big of a deal “professionally” to rush through it. But I still like knowing what I’m doing and doing a good job at whatever job I’m on. ;)

Trial 3 done

Last night I logged on and Pyra and I continued working on getting Black Triple Stars to pop so we could finish up Trial 3 (which for Pyra has been a long time in coming). Funnily enough, Immortalking/Joycelyn (dual-boxer) was on as well and was working with Pyra; the previous night Shinrui was with us for a little (before falling asleep again), and both of them were together with me in a party when I was getting Nocuous Weapon taken care of (though Immortalking d/ced and never made it back — obviously he finished the weapon).

We had much better luck last night on BTS, as we went 2/3 while I was there (2/4 for Pyra, who was there the in-game night that was ending when I logged in). While we’ve only done 6 nights of camping this NM (plus whatever Pyra had done before), it at least seems to us like there may be something to the theory that normal mobs can be placeholders for bats which can be placeholders for BTS. From FFXIclopedia, there’s two placeholders, but I don’t use any third-party tools so I can’t say whether these particular IDs match up to non-bat mobs or anything. But the first night I was killing bats on the upper and lower tier and we went 1/3 and last night I was helping Pyra kill everything on the main tier and we went 2/3. So it seems like the PHs aren’t on other tiers, but killing everything can help (at worst it gives you something to do while waiting for bats to respawn).

There’s no way I’m going to try and make a scientific study of the spawn behavior of BTS, though, because 6 hours of running around killing stuff constantly is enough for me. I think we’ll be taking a little break from the camping after that annoyance, but at least the others don’t seem too bad (other than potential respawn times, but that’s the case with any NM). Next up for Trial 4 will be Serra, a lvl 49 fish in Purgonorgo Isle; not the most convenient place to get to, but I’ll probably either set up shop and stay until I’m done or go for one kill each of several evenings.

I don’t want to spend all my time working on my trial dagger, though, especially since it seems like it doesn’t get any better than my existing daggers until it becomes Twashtar, which requires several Abyssea drops, which probably won’t happen until I’m higher level (either going with random parties or with EM). In the meantime I need to get my subs taken care of so my mains can get worked on (in the general order THF > RDM >> DRK, I think, since THF is my main these days and RDM is a good alternate for EM if they need it, while DRK often doesn’t bring anything unique to the field that I’d be specifically asked for). Picked up a couple of katanas and a boomerang, and I’ll probably try and gimp through a FoV and see how that goes. I wanted to get some silver chainmail for doing NIN and WAR, but it seems like there’s very few sales of lower-level gear (people either gimp their way through on GoV with starter gear or are already done with lower levels), so I may just gimp it with RSE and see how that goes. If I can get NIN and WAR to 40 then RK opens up and that seems to be more popular (so there should be pieces up that I can both buy and future buyers to resell to).

Bat + NM = Bleh

So last night I started working on the Magian trial dagger, trying to work up (eventually) to a twashtar. The first NM was killing Nocuous Weapon in Horutoto three times, which was easy (repops right about an hour). The second is killing Black Triple Stars three times, which is much more annoying. >.< It's a pure lottery pop from bats in Rolanberry. The NM is supposed to pop on the middle tier of the area it's in, but it's hard to say whether the placeholders are always going to be on that tier. And since it's a bat, it's only up at night, which means you have 50% downtime already (and if you're really unlucky, it can pop just before 6:00 and then depop right away >.<). Out of three nights running around killing all the bats with Pyra (who hates the NM since she hadn't gotten it to spawn ever previously), we only got it once. Which I suppose is better than nothing, but it's still annoying. We called it a night after that (three hours of running around and just one pop), but maybe tomorrow will go better (planning on trying again).

Kirin Captivator!

So on my first day of “doing something” back in FFXI, I went on a Kirin run with EM. Apparently since most everyone is off doing Abyssea stuff these days, it’s less of a headache to do various former-endgame activities like Dynamis and gods, and since everyone’s lvl 95 these days they can also do it with much fewer people (EM does runs with usually around 12 people).

My part was basically to chase the kited Kirin around trying to work up the TH total (which now gives messages about what’s going on with an enlight animation and message when the total goes up). Npackard was the primary THF with his TH6 (new cap for abilities/gear), but any THF can add to the total as they hit it, so more isn’t a bad thing (and it’s the one job I’ve started familiarizing myself with thus far). The one problem was that with sushi and my +ACC gear setup, I was still whiffing like crazy or hitting for single digits (often 0). o.O Until I start working my level up, apparently in certain situations like that I’m just a TH whore like THFs used to be. Be nice to get a few levels and be a little more useful on the damage front, too.

Kirin butt-stabber

Supposedly there’s a lot of XP to be had even at high levels these days, and conceivably you could get a couple of levels in a single hour’s work. Fierox was doing her BRD yesterday and went from something like 25-51 in a single day. o.O Definitely does not compute based on the old XI I know. Of course, while it’s nice to be able to work subs up and get through some painful parts of leveling, it helps n00bs to get to high levels without having any idea what they’re doing. Which granted you’ll have anyway but at least usually it’d take a little more time. ;)

Last night Machy decided to give Brill and me a quick intro to Abyssea-Tahrongi, killing black mandies. Unfortunately, apparently mobs level up based on who they’re killed by, and these things were tough (IT-+ to me with ACC gear and sushi). Machy had to level sync to Brill (82) in order for us to get any XP, which is kind of strange since they were so tough; I guess their power goes up, but the actual “level” stays the same. Got 875XP over the total stay we’d had (both of us only had one stone active, so 30 minutes base and both had used a little time already), as well as 551 cruor, so that’s a little start. Machy wanted to find time chests for us to bump up our visitant limit, but it’s kind of hard with only 30 minutes to work with and being in the starter zones. I’ve got two picked up and more accruing, so hopefully next time works out better and I can get some decent XPing and time extensions in. ^^

Holy roadmap, Batman! o.O

Information about the FFXIV roadmap is now live on the Lodestone, and holy hell are there some huge changes coming. Our year of mooching (no subscription fees) is finally nearing an end, and the next year will see progress toward “FFXIV 2.0”, which includes all-new client and server software (including some form of universe-wide party matching, however that’s supposed to work). Looks like this is part of getting the game as a whole ready for PS3, as well, as the interface (at least for “ultra-high-end PCs”) looks like what one might expect from a PS3 FF title (reminds me of what I seem to recall seeing for FFXIII only more so).

I’m debating what to do once the subscription fees hit. At least they’re turning off auto-renew for everyone and we have to go in and manually set it back up (so nobody gets unexpected charges), so if I do nothing then there’s no charges to worry about. I’m sure they’ll end up in a decent place, but all the major changes can be disconcerting for me, since I like stability (and major sweeping changes to everything isn’t very stable). I might end up letting it lapse for a while and pick back up towards 2.0 (or during the 2.0 trial period), but I’m not sure yet (still thrown off a bit by 1.19 and need to get comfortable with what I need to do now).

In the meantime I picked FFXI back up to see how that’s coming these days. I was hoping to have both going at once, but two subscriptions isn’t something I’d like to do (I could try and justify it if Nym decides she doesn’t want to keep the subscription up at this point, since me on XI+XIV is the same as the two of us on XIV, but not having the increased fees at all would be nice). Yay hard decisions (wouldn’t’ve been as hard back in the days I was really active on XI, but these days with less time and kids being expensive, every little bit can help).

I feel weak ; ;

Patch 1.19 went live last night and boy do I feel weak now: at least on LNC I’ve lost about 1/3 of my HP and MP and despite having much higher numbers on my stats (126 STR vs 92 or so) I hit for comparably very little damage, even on ran– er, level 1 mobs. I stabbed a lvl 1 marmot when leaving Gridania and did under 200 damage to the thing, as opposed to over 1100 previously. Sure, that’s probably a more “reasonable” amount, but still it’s a pretty big change. It seems like damage and stats have all been equalized so that a lvl 30 char is about the same as a lvl 30 mob. Indeed, leves I now have to 1-star (which actually I should’ve been needing to do already since I am soloing), but at least the mobs give more XP (117 base for lvl 30s as a lvl 31) and the leves give a reasonable amount of bonus XP (with Guardian’s Favor’s 50% bonus, I was usually getting 3.1-3.4K (vs as much as 3.9K SP for a 3-star with speed bonus pre-patch but pre-patch even at 3-star level with Guardian’s Favor, mobs didn’t give all that much SP).

Another leve-related (to me) change I ran into last night was that it looks like there’s new permanent poacher spawns in the way of leve objectives in Mun-Tuy. When doing the puk leve it was merely annoying having to wait until the one or two were facing the right directions, but doing the wolf Necrologos leve, there’s an ARC (vulture poacher, never saw those previously, just the toad (PGL) and eft (LNC)) in a tiny tunnel that’s probably just a large annoyance, and two spawns in a staircase where I actually had to fight both a pair of wolves and the final hippogryph mobs! x.x I had the best outcome I could realistically have expected: died (due to both poachers aggroing) just as I killed the second hippogryph, so I beat the leve without having to go back again.

Those poachers are really annoying, especially since these leves are lvl 30 and the poachers are lvl 35-39. With the changes, a lvl 35 would be difficult for a lvl 31 to take on; I successfully cleared the ARC in the tiny hallway, but died with it at like 30HP so had to come back and finish the job weakened (and got 478XP for my trouble). With the new poacher spawns and the power balance changes, it seems like at least right now, Mun-Tuy is a really bad place to try and do leves (unless you’re nearly 40 or in a party where one or two 35-39s won’t be a problem).

On the plus side of combat, the claiming changes seem to be nice, since now you can actually get credit for killing multiple mobs when you get links or further aggro. Speaking of links, mobs are supposed to be able to call for reinforcements if necessary, but I haven’t seen that yet (it’s supposed to be if the mob is outmatched by you, which isn’t likely to happen where I was last night). It is a little odd that an undamaged mob in the engaged enemy party will show orange, but that may just be a bug (since you were supposed to obtain claim on the whole party at once).

It’ll take some more playing to see more of the changes and get a feel for how I need to XP currently, but it shows promise at least.