First 95 job

Well, finally got my first job to 95… and it’s ninja. ;) Over the holiday week I did DNC to 50 and then took NIN all the way to 95, coming up for air every once in a while (but not often enough, need to get my tan back from all that time in the sewers). Of course, as with any GoV there’s the issue of needing to cap skills, as while I was generally keeping up with katana skills on the leeches, they did finally run out around lvl 78 or so. And I hadn’t been spamming tools to try and get ninjutsu capped, so that was back around lvl 51 equivalent skill (only 44 levels behind!).

After coming out a NIN95, on Sunday Khad took me out to Berstuk to help him get some THF head seals (and me any NIN seals that dropped). I was coming NIN and Khad would go BLM for yellow triggers, and of course he had Brok there for healing. Nobody died during the 5-6 pops we did, though I wasn’t able to hold hate as well as I would’ve liked (for whatever reason couldn’t get down the 30-sec Provoke cycle, and should probably have been able to use enfeebles to help keep shadows up); usually near the end of its life it would run for Khad, though generally at worst hate would only bounce around a little so it wasn’t on Khad all that much. If I’d had all those levels to do old-school leveling I probably would’ve had the proper macro setup and muscle memory to keep better hate. I’m sure I’ll get there, I just need to recap my skills (katana, evasion, ninjutsu) and practice more. We ended up not getting much in the way of drops, getting only 1-2 seals per kill (usually 1), and Khad only got 1 THF seal (I got 4 NIN which is nice, at least, but we went specifically for Khad!).

Later on Sunday, Machy was doing Ovni kills to try for +2 upgrade items for one of his jobs, and invited me out to get the bullwhip belt if it dropped (haste+7%, albeit with -50 to all elements). I went out and watched him fight and spammed the stack of elemental tools I had on it and some of the limules in the area, getting around 19 skill points for a total of 161 (getting closer, but still a loooong way to go!). Unfortunately drops were annoying again, and other than the first kill I was there for, no +2 items at all dropped (the first was a stone of voyage, not anything either of us really needed), just shaolin belts (worthless).

After several kills of Ovni, he offered to help me with getting some more NIN seals, and we decided to try Iku-Turso since it drops both NIN and THF feet seals, so I would have a 50% shot at getting useful seals instead of 25%. We changed to NIN/DNC and BLM, bought a few pop items to avoid farming (Berstuk pop items weren’t dropping for Khad and I earlier at all), went out, and were able to get a turn after a JP NIN+BLM duo who was there also for NIN seals (so couldn’t team up and take the seals they didn’t want). We came, we saw, we got raped hardcore. Maelstrom was getting spammed a lot which would hurt and kill off my shadows, and it was more than I could CW3 away (and I couldn’t get Utsu: Ichi up with getting hit so much). It was casting faster than Machy could stun (originally the plan was to help trigger and just stun the nasty spells), so I’d get hit by Watergas and Waterjas in addition to the Maelstroms, and eventually I bit it around 20-25% or so. It of course ran for Machy, who tried to get it the rest of the way, while the JP BLM Raised me (nice!). I got up and stood back out of AoE range spamming the wheel for some extra help, and tried to CW3 Machy as he was getting hit. Eventually Machy succumbed to the damage at 1% and it came back to me. I tried to get it down, but got smacked a couple times (whoops, didn’t have shadows up after being Raised) and bit the dust again with it at probably 100HP. The JPs finished it and were nice enough to Raise me again and let me get the seals (MNK and THF, so not a complete waste), but we decided to say screw Iku-Turso and find something else.

Next we tried Athamas since it was another NIN/THF seal mob (legs). It was up when Machy first checked but by the time I came in and we went back there, it was gone. Someone must’ve killed it, but we hadn’t seen anyone fighting it and it shouldn’t’ve been an extremely quick kill, so… *shrug* With Athamas a bust (could’ve waited around another 10-15 minutes for a respawn, but if someone was camping already, may as well find something else), we went to Pascerpot, which Machy had done for his seals (and Machy went NIN/DNC and I went THF/DNC for TH help). We went out, farmed up a pop item really quickly, and the only rough part of the fight was the Banishga IIIs for 1000-1200. Luckily it didn’t spam them, so we could both dance our damage away. We got better seal counts (3 or so each kill) than on Berstuk, though only 2 NIN seals dropped and it looked like I passed on one of them. ; ; (Passing is unfortunately a reflex for me, so sometimes when I go to lot on something I accidentally pass it. I verified in the log that it dropped, but didn’t see a lot message, and I still only had 1 in my inventory from earlier.) We probably could’ve kept going but Machy had to eat and by then it was getting late so we called it a night. But it went well and Pascerpot might be something I could solo, though it did look like having TH4 helped with drop counts, so it might be best to do the THF+NIN thing again with Machy later sometime.

In the meantime, I need to get skeelz done so I’m not as bad on NIN. EVA is a priority, though I’m still not sure what to do on that since it can be slow and the mobs that would be typical to level on (crabs) are lvl 92 or so and hit fairly hard. I could probably stand to get THF to 95 and go THF/DNC, try and survive as long as possible, then do what I’ve done previously: disengage, pop Flee, and {Run away!} to shed hate and rest up (and let Flee reset). There’s also supposedly some lower-level birds in Caedarva that Hide works on that I might be able to use, as well. Some people have used high-level chigoe, but I’m a bit wary of doing that since it guarantees you’re going to die and who knows what amount of skill you’ll actually get out of it. :\

Paragon of Ninja Excellence

So as time has allowed, I’d been working on getting /NIN leveled up so that it wasn’t underleveled anymore (and would be capped for THF99). I soloed quite a bit to get to 46 or so, starting off soloing Sauromugue FoV page 1, trying cards in Horutoto after Sauromugue mobs became TW (rather quickly), then finally being turned on to GC page 2 and being able to get into a good rhythm there (page was 4 bats and 2 beetles, and I could camp the stairs and kill 2 bats and 1 beetle in a cycle). Pages were usually around 10K/hr, especially with GoV and its increasing XP bonus, and in an evening I could get 4-5 levels if there weren’t people camping there.

I’d been trying to figure out what other jobs to level for when the “work on a new job” bug bites, and ended up deciding that NIN seemed like a good choice, being that I gravitate toward melee jobs, we seem to use all the NINs we can get in the LS, and these days there’s not the elemental wheel spammage or anything that there used to be, so it’s not all that expensive anymore (one of the main things that kept me from leveling it to 75 before).

One evening I came in to GC to solo and a party was basically running around the whole main floor wiping out the bats and beetles, not really leaving me a good spot to slowly work on my three mobs, so after that I decided to finally give in and try one of the “lolGoV” parties, at NIN46 on Friday night. “lolGoV” because these “parties” are actually most of the time alliances where many people may be working on subs (or be players who don’t care at all) and may not have gear at all. At least most of the time I was in CN people generally seemed to care about what they were doing, and it was a pretty fun time. Especially when in one evening I gained 11 levels (across two parties, since it was broken up by EM events, so I would’ve ended up quite a lot higher if I’d stayed the whole time). I would guess there was probably only a couple of hours’ worth of XPing in there for those 11 levels. o.O

At NIN57, I decided to take some time off and on Saturday start on NIN AF. I was able to run through all the AF from weapons to coffers to fights and get everything completed just before event time. Sunday I went back to CN to work on more levels so I could wear all my AF and be in a better place for moving on to Bostaunieux Oubliette for continued GoV partying (before eventually being useful in Abyssea). In that party I made it to nearly 62, after which I went to Boyahda to work on recapping my katana skill, which had languished due to level syncing. I’ve recapped my katana and in the process attained nearly two full levels (around 3K to 64), as I was recapping on GoV page 1 in the Tree, on spiders and funguars; not a bad way to recap skills. :)

Now that I’ve chosen to take NIN to 99 along with THF (and I suppose sometime I’ll need to work on RDM unless Lushie decides that my having NIN is more important as a second job than RDM), I really need to work on subs, especially WAR and DNC. WAR at least is still 37 from THF and DRK75, but DNC is a nice solo sub and it’s 27 at the moment, so nearly 5 levels underleveled as it is. Need to get WAR and DNC to 49 sometime, along with WHM and BLM if I do raise RDM back up.


I’m up to THF90 now (almost 91), and have been working a lot toward my +EVA dagger. Last night I polished off the morbol trial, bringing the EVA bonus to +12. There a couple of trials to get the Dakini to a Kila, and then one more kill-count trial and two geode trials to get to +3, which will get me a total of EVA+20, which should be nice. (And sometime I’ll probably end up doing the trials again for a second.) No progress on my Twashtar trials though, still sitting needing Serra kills (I’ll probably go out again sometime and do that, just got frustrated the first time).

I’ve been slowly getting some more gear that should last me at endgame: I picked up a Rapidus Sax during our Abyssea run over the weekend, grabbed a couple of +EVA items (trying to put together a +EVA build for times I need to tank — or find myself tanking — something or other), and stayed up really late Friday night with several people doing head seals, culminating in getting my THF AF3 +1 head (which looks pretty dumb with the rapparee — need body seals so I can get the body piece and not look as bad ;). Slow progress on seals, but I’m not pushing people to try and get them, so it’ll come eventually. I’m hoping that at 95 after I’ve been able to finally recap EVA I’ll be able to solo some of the sorts of mobs that drop them (or only need someone as healing) so I don’t have to wait until there’s various people available, but we’ll have to see. It’s certainly more fun to go with others, but it’s not like everyone’s available all the time, so I like to be as self-reliant as possible.

{Treasure} {bee}tch

Last night Khad’s XP party was a small group (him and his WHM, plus Pyra and Woofie) out in Abyssea-Grauberg doing the usual bugards. I’ve wanted to get my subs worked on (though I suppose I could’ve also gone THF and gotten a couple of levels there and been able to do the 95-cap unlock), so I was heading out to Gusgen to try a GoV page there. When I got there, I was aiming at doing the worm+dog+pug page, but apparently all the worms are in the second “three doors” area, dogs are there and in the tunnels, and the pugs are only in some of the ghost NM ponds. That means that to do the page, I’d have to be running really far down tunnels and hoping doors didn’t close on me just to do a single page (not to mention all the undead I’d have to get through). Running around, maybe the ghast and gallinipper page would work since those were usually together (sometimes with a wight), but I was told I should go out to Grauberg and leech and work chest duty. With Gusgen not looking too promising, I went ahead and gave in (I dislike being useless, but at least here someone needs to handle opening chests and it can be hard to do that while fighting, so even though I’m useless in fights I can have some purpose).

The one disappointment was I didn’t seem to really level much faster, as I was only out there a little while (not the whole time) and as a 38 I was severely handicapped with the XP progression (increases more slowly the lower level you are) and the pages were only giving about 1100-1200 XP when I was turning them in. I do seem to remember there being some sort of defined XP penalty for being under 75 in Abyssea, though, so it’s probably something like that penalty multiplied by the number of levels under I was (or some similar equation). Each time I turned in a page it seemed like I was getting more XP, but I’m not sure if that was from me gaining a total of 4 levels or if it was progressing up very slowly on its own like the normal mob kills’ XP was.

I was happy to get 40+ because that meant that RK gear would be available, and that seemed to be on sale more (and more likely to recoup my costs), but of course Murphy dictated that once I was 40 I wouldn’t be able to get it. Might be best, anyway, save that space until I can get WAR to 40+ and then not need to carry the beetle around on me. I’ll need to figure out what to do with my beetle gear (and other “miscellaneous job” gear), since that was for BST and I don’t have as much free time where I’m left with doing BST (mostly it was for something to solo on, but there’s easier things to do on high-level jobs so it’s not a problem like it used to be).

I may also shelve NIN for now, since at 42 it’s fully-leveled for a THF85 and at 95 it’ll only be 5 levels back (instead of nearly 10), leave WAR for later (I doubt it’d be much use on THF these days and even with DRK I might have to /NIN it up for survival — and DRK’s third on the priority list for recapping), and start working on WHM and BLM for bringing RDM up. Unlike /NIN, there’ll be need for spells that /WHM and /BLM can provide, so I should make sure that I have a properly-leveled sub for when I need to bring RDM (whenever I get RDM leveled).


I keep getting closer to the level cap all the time; this last Friday we did another post-event XP session on Grauberg bugards and I went from 80 to over 20K into 85. Currently I’m about 10K shy of 86 and being able to flag 95-cap. Assuming we end up doing the same XP sessions and I can continue getting a similar number of levels, then at worst it should only be a couple of more weeks until my THF is 95, after which I’ll need to start working on my RDM to get it to where it’s useful for events.

Speaking of events, this past weekends events were partially geared towards getting me various zone wins (as well as getting people drops, of course, but Lushie planned out mobs that people wanted items from that were also zone bosses). We ended up getting me six more Abyssea zone wins (already had La Theine from us tagging along with Packy on a Briareas kill), leaving me 7/9 and able to get my second lunar abyssite for my second atma slot, and also did Dynamis-Bubu for the win (and then farming), so I’m 1/3 towards Tavnazia access (0/4 towards Beaucedine and therefore Xarcabard access). Saturday night Packy was going to kill caturae for drops (or at least one caturae) with his personal WHM and invited me (and Brill when he came on) to come out and get the win. I got Iratham done and then needed to hit bed; Brill came out just too late for the Iratham kill, but Packy was up for killing others for wins, so hopefully Brill got one or two other caturae out of the way. ^^

Still no real luck towards getting a full set of seals for AF3 +1. I can purchase most of my AF3 pieces (feet are in pyxides, and don’t have any Resistance Credits for the pants), but they’re useless until at least +1 (and the feet are useless until +2 since that’s when TH+1 is added), so I’m not worrying about taking up space with them until I can upgrade. I do have 2/8 head seals and 1/8 hand seals so I’ve got some small bit of progress, but that’s still a ways to go. Head (+triple attack) and feet (+TH) are probably going to be the first priority, followed by legs (+crit) and body (+dagger). Hands are last (+SA damage), probably. Head, body and legs all have +haste (and more than other pieces I’ve got or can reasonably get), so that’ll be nice to get and I’ll probably be full-timing those pieces at the least once I get them. But my priority items to get (in my mind) are still the AF3 +2 feet and AF2 hands for the +TH (and once I hit THF90 I’ll have the TH3 trait), so I can be a fully-useful TH whore and be able to be the sole THF on a run without affecting the starting TH value (TH3/4 vs. TH6 base means several extra +TH procs necessary, and +TH can be stingy to get). I’m not sure how much of a priority it’s seen as from the shell’s standpoint, though, but hopefully I can end up getting a chance at hands on a Xarc, or more likely Tavnazia, run sometime in the not-too-distant future.