I’ve been working on ROG a bit recently, and am now up to level 25, higher than I ended up getting through playing around with it on Brynhildr a while back. Getting approximately two levels out of a dungeon is pretty nice, so there’s not as much grind at the lower levels (but you’ll still need to go through many dungeons several times to open up the next, so it’s not like you’re shooting up in levels and not likely to understand your job).

I ran a couple of Halatalis last night (one specifically as the highest dungeon I could access, and the other as a Leveling roulette). The first was rather odd, as the NIN (dual-rogue, wat?) took a minute to follow everyone else at the beginning, and then was concentrating on mobs the tank wasn’t focused on and running into groups as the tank went a different way. x.x The tank disappeared after the first boss without a word, but the AST said to keep going, so the NIN and I split quasi-tanking duties (I’d try to ensure mobs were on me instead of the healer, and otherwise be spreading Mutilate status and spreading damage around). After a bit we got a replacement tank and things went a little more smoothly (and with the tank marking, the NIN seemed to figure out how to prioritize the mobs so she wasn’t liable to steal hate ;).

The second time through I got a tank called “Weedlord Dankmemes”, which was a bit concerning, lol. He actually was doing a pretty good job, surprisingly (given his choice in naming). I started playing around with Sneak Attack (unlocked during the course of the previous run) to see what it was all about, and was otherwise doing my usual thing of trying to spread DoTs and keep mobs off the healer (there was one instance in the snake/mantis section where the healer caught aggro so I stole hate and brought it to the tank). Nothing too fancy, and I apparently left the final boss to deal with adds when I could’ve stayed on to LB it to death, yet out of the two party members who weren’t in the final cutscene (the tank was and I wasn’t staying to wait for him, especially as DPS tend to be ignored for commendations) I got both commendations. So the AST and BLM I guess thought I did a good job in there? Maybe most ROG/NIN they run into are dumb? I have no idea… I kinda wish there was more feedback about commendations, whether it’s a random vote or they wanted to thank you for something in particular. If I did well it’s be nice to know (same with room for improvement, there’s cases where you were “meh” so nobody complained but you’re not thanked for anything either).

I’m hoping that over the next evening or two (only made this much progress because Ver was tired so didn’t log on) I’ll hit 30 and unlock NIN and see what that turns out like.

I also need to be leveling DRK more and getting more dungeon practice, as an FC/LS party into The Vault I felt like I was pretty “meh” and would’ve been getting flak in a DF group. So need to get my reactions down so I’m doing the right things in the right situations and not losing even one mob in AoE-spam groups (this was BLM+SMN+SCH) without cratering my MP. With more practice, hopefully I manage to get better at it. :)

Halfway through crystals

On Saturday I was running around on DRK doing Clan hunt pages and random FATEs for XP. Started in Western Highlands, grouped up with a WHM that was also doing FATEs semi-solo (choco out) after we were at the same FATE several times, and ended up spending most of the day just doing FATEs. Started with 1 earth and 1 lightning luminous crystal (for my first 3.0 relic quest), and ended up with 6 ice, 8 earth, and 4 lightning. Luck was apparently with me. I might’ve been able to manage getting most (or maybe all) of my needed crystals at the rate I seemed to be picking them up yesterday, but I stayed in each area until my partner was done (I’m not a jerk). Forelands was a bitch for him, though, we spent several hours there and it was only in the last couple of FATEs that he’d’ve been able to do at all that he got his drops… luckily he managed to squeak by with his 3 so we both got at least one full trio of crystals in each of the three areas. I’m sure my luck will return to normal when trying the other three areas, but here’s hoping it’s not as rough.

With all that FATE XP, DRK is now just barely 57. I expect it’ll hit 60 before completing the relic needs, so it’s possible that I might be able to do DRK relic instead of WHM if I so choose. Though with the extra crystals it’s a good jump start on a second, so… maybe both? ;)

Possible tank glamour

After hitting DRK52 and getting out of the Noct set into something easier to breathe in (holy rainbow/wyvernskin fending set), I’ve been running around like that for a while (into lvl 53 now). I poked at the board to see the other purchasable armor through 60, both the ones from quest rewards as well as high-level crafted gear, and I think that this current set may be worth sticking with for a while even after hitting 60. Obviously there’s other gear available from tomes or raid drops or whatever that could potentially be better (I haven’t checked Idyllshire to see the Eso/Lore gear, and the Doman gear might be worth keeping as-is), but certainly through 60 and what’s purchasable this seems good. Went ahead and dyed it currant purple in anticipation of keeping it around for a while:
ffxiv_dx11 2016-03-22 23-01-47-18

Ink blue also seemed like a good candidate. Soot black looked fine, but being all shades of grey I figured it was a little boring (and an all-black DRK seems rather cliche).

Overall I’d prefer a full metal suit of armor to go with being hit all the time (does a shirt and vest really protect that well?), but at least this isn’t too bad. Good for casual Fridays, certainly. ;)


With the focus (or as much of a focus as there ever is) on working on DRK, I managed to get it to 50 (well, 51) over the weekend through vigorous applications of Dzemael Darkhold, rinsing and repeating until I ended back up in the stupid Noct gear that I picked up through story quests as something better than the i70-90 gear I had previously.

ffxiv_dx11 2016-03-20 19-26-38-86

Since that’s so bulky, a quick look back at oh so long ago while I wasn’t 50 yet and wearing less-bulky armor:

ffxiv_dx11 2016-03-19 17-49-09-52

I should at least have level 52 armor (the HQ white stuff from story quests) waiting for me, which should be much better than this bulky stuff. Well, maybe, I think the 52 was the “open shirt” gear, which isn’t exactly “tanky”, but anything’s better than Noct — you can fit several people in there, it seems!

Moving forward with DRK, I’ll need to figure out how I’m going to be leveling it: I can of course do dungeons (though to feel like a competent “leader” I’d want to run a number of the dungeons more on WHM for observation/practice), but I also need FATEs in the new zones for my 3.0 WHM relic and the drops there have been nearly nonexistent (I have 1 crystal total out of the 18 necessary). I bet I could XP wholly via FATE and still come up short on crystals. x.x But on the flip side, running dungeons will help me reinforce and improve my tanking (vs. FATEs which are basically “mash AoEs to gold”). Most likely it’ll be a combination of the two.

One dungeon I should really run — though I’m hesitant to go DRK-first — is Dusk Vigil, as I never did get around to that with WHM and could use the bonus XP I’d give on DRK (or BRD, but that’d be a really long queue). Typically since I get so worked up about needing to know how to do everything “right” before going into a dungeon, I’ll do them a number of times on other jobs (especially healer since they’re not usually affected by most mechanics) before even considering going on tank jobs. That way I’m more familiar with how it’s run and hopefully it’ll go more smoothly (meaning less getting yelled at for not doing things 100% perfect or whatever, which really stresses me out).

I’ll get something figured out, though. Assuming I can get Al and ideally some others from the FC/LS to come with, it’d be a safer learning environment for me so hopefully would be more successful a first time on tank. Course people’s willingness will likely correlate to whether they have a 51-59 job, as there’s not as much benefit to a 60 for going through the leveling dungeons, but we’ll see, never know when people don’t have much else going on and are up for helping out. Ver’ll need it at some point, too, though I prefer to know what’s up with a dungeon to help her through the first time (and it’d be double the newbie XP bonus), so it’d be nice to run it through once when she’s not on yet.

New haircut

After poking through the hairstyles available at the aesthetician these days (Heavensward added quite a few), I decided I felt like making a little change. While Tri’s only had her “Cal hair” since 2.0 (because I liked the look from the “sister” Mirana I made during beta), a couple styles stood out as interesting, and at least for a while I’d like to cut back on her bangs to be able to see more of her face (without going ultra-short or doing one of the ponytail styles since none of those really fit Tri).

So for the time being, this is the new look:

And a couple of angled shots:

It may end up being a bit “fancy” for Tri, but I want to live with it for a bit and see what I think after the “it’s different” wears off and I can be a little more sure of whether it’s a good fit for her. I may replay some cutscenes and see how it compares, make sure that she retains her “attitude” despite the new cut.

WHM glamoured

Nabbed some Eso boots to have something decent to slap a glamour on, as well as a few accessories to get rid of all my <i170 gear… up to i182 now, so should meet the minimums for roulettes and VA and such. Without further ado, my WHM look:
ffxiv_dx11 2016-03-10 19-02-53-83 ffxiv_dx11 2016-03-11 19-37-31-91

WHM glamour almost ready, and starting DRK

After finishing spiritbond on my lvl 58 gear, I’ve almost gotten my slots filled out with i170 Doman gear in addition to the i220 HQ Eikon top. I’m still missing the feet at the moment, but that shouldn’t be very far off with having all four Clan hunt tiers available (110 total seals per daily set, plus 100 for the weekly — I didn’t finish today’s hunts so tomorrow I could have 220-320 which will be more than I need for WHM and will be a start on whatever’s next). I may not be as fancy as Al with the glamours, but it’ll be a nice look once the boots are in place (and I’m too damn cheap to glamour the lvl 58 boots and then the Doman boots when I get them).

Instead of making progress on WHM (either story or gear), tonight ended up being playing with DRK. After getting it outfitted with what Grand Company gear I could get into the available slots and then filling out the rest with vendor gear, I stayed in Forgotten Springs (where I picked up a celata) and did FATEs and killed random mobs near camp. Ended up hitting 32 so I’ll be able to drop straight into Brayflox if I’m so inclined rather than starting lower and working my way up.

Since I’m trying to work up Eso/Lore for further outfitting WHM, I ran a Leveling roulette tonight prior to maintenance to get that bonus instead of only the XP for DRK. The idea was that I’d run a second roulette afterwards (either Leveling again for DRK XP, or L50 for more tomes), but the Leveling ended up taking a while so I didn’t have enough time. Maybe tomorrow I’ll be able to make further progress on either or both goals, depending on what all Ver wants to do.


Ended up not getting to sleep for a really long time last night, so spent the time working on story more. I had a nice group for the Great Gubal Library, then ended up getting up through unlocking the Aetherochemical Research Facility. With a Masakaki Kai from the hunt seals I’d been getting, I’m barely allowed to go, so I plan on gearing up more, especially as I have an HQ Eikon top ready to go once I finish spiritbinding the lvl 58 top. I can easily replace accessories with more hunt seals, and now that I’m 60 can start gearing up with Esoterics tomes.

I’ve also prepared to go over to the dark side of glamours, which is part of why I bothered spending the gil on the Eikon top (it’s a huge jump in ilvl, as well as looking really nice). At least the other components of the glamour outfit were inexpensive so I’m not broke… yet. ;) I’ll need to see about getting back to crafting/gathering to try and get at least a little income rolling in.

Nearly 60

Up to the Great Gubal Library in the story, and about halfway through 59. And apparently, according to Al at least, I’ve been doing pretty well as a WHM given the Vault run he came along on where he was mentioning that the tank wasn’t doing things all that well and should’ve caused several wipes (but didn’t, though I believe Al died once at one point). On an earlier level 50 run (for the Level 50 Roulette dungeons I had yet to unlock) and once in the >50 dungeons I was party to a wipe, but in both cases it sounded like a number of compounding issues on the tank’s side and not really my fault (but that doesn’t stop me from figuring I should’ve been able to manage keeping everyone on their feet!).

And speaking of rough dungeons, doing Sohm Al for Ver yesterday was insanely rough and stressful. Her gear was probably a little low (i110 weapon, mostly i115 armor, varied accessories probably around i90-100) so I was expecting some slowness, but it seemed like the MCH that was there wasn’t doing so hot either (forgot until halfway through about using turrets at all), and the tank was in the habit of just running off after each fight so I wouldn’t have time to recover MP for trash mobs… or bosses! >.< For the final boss, people would be missing dodging AoEs (granted one comet death was due to Ver’s inputs going to some other window somehow, so she wasn’t moving from the drop zone), DPS dying several times, lots of healing and popping ethers as fast as I could to keep some amount of MP to try and keep people up (especially the tank). Eventually, completely drained of MP I got hit by something or other (don’t remember if it was arena AoE or something specific) and died, and of course others started dropping after that with no healing. Luckily, however, the tank was able to barely scrape by after the DPS fell (soon after me) and eke out a win. Which was good, because the fight was taking so long since presumably both DPS were a bit undergeared (or if the MCH wasn’t undergeared they just really didn’t know what they were doing). I wasn’t able to help with damage much at all since I needed every drop of MP for healing, especially with the longer fights (so more casts, more MP usage, and it didn’t seem like there was a good way for me to remain MP-neutral in there with all the damage being taken everywhere).

At least being 54 now, Ver is up to the quests where they hand out i125 gear so it won’t be very long before she’s only barely behind what she could potentially have been if she got Augmented Ironworks pieces. She also picked up several pieces of gear in Sohm Al (i133) so that’ll be helpful, too. We’ll probably also start trying to get some roulettes in for her from time to time to try and get poetics built up to fill in gaps, though since she’s mostly just interested in BLM I’m not sure if they’ll end up coming in handy. We’ll see.

I feel like I’m a little behind in ilvl these days, too, though at least I recently upgraded gear to the i145 lvl 58 quest stuff (once I finished spiritbonding the old white gear). Accessories are hit or miss as usual, though, especially my rings (one i120, one i100). Once I hit 60 I can buy i170 gear in Ishgard from what I saw, or higher-ilvl white gear from the markets (though it gets pretty pricey so that probably wouldn’t work out). Eventually I’ll have access to somewhere where decent lvl 60 gear should drop.

Return to Eorzea! Again!

Two weeks ago, we came back to Eorzea after around 1.5 years’ break. Before that, uh, we’d been playing XIV since 2.0 launched. I’ll see about taking a look back in a bit, but for now I wanted to get back into the swing of things by noting what’s been up the past two weeks.

When we’d left previously, I was up to somewhere around 2.3 in the story, and hadn’t even unlocked all the dungeons that had been added towards the end. So the first order of business was getting the next story quest picked up and get back on the story path. My main job until recapping has been WHM (which was more or less my main prior to going on hiatus, so was the highest ilvl at a whole 90!), and via Poetics and quest rewards I’ve been working on upgrading gear as I work through the story. Up to i120 now, which isn’t too shabby given in the storyline I’m up to the Aery (55 dungeon), which gives i130 gear to help fill in my mix of i110-130 pieces.

Not a fan of how the story went in 2.4/2.5, and also not a fan of the various new voices a lot of the main characters have, but them’s the breaks. Supposedly the 3.0 story’s better so we’ll see how thing goes (it’s been promising so far, at least). Hunting for aether currents is another thing for me to do to tick checkboxes, so that’s fun (I love exploration). Haven’t bothered with flight yet despite unlocking it in the Forelands… that was pretty recent, though, so it’s not like I’ve had need, either.

Inventory space is certainly getting to be an issue given all the new gear that I’m picking up all the time from quests. I’ll need to figure out if I should keep lvl 51+ gear for other jobs or sell them off for now until I’m actively working on them, just to avoid overflowing retainers (which still have a lot of random mats and supplies on them). Need to clear out old gear that I’ll never want to use in glamours, too — assuming I ever both glamouring (which I probably will, especially if my final gear isn’t stuff I want to look at all the time).

As mentioned, I’ll see about putting together a look back at 2.0 adventures, and hopefully I’ll be checking in a little more often than I used to (though anything is more often than the “never” it ended up being during 2.0!).