Got two main things accomplished over the weekend: getting my Animated Seraph Cane (first-stage 3.0 WHM relic, technically worse than my upgraded Doman weapon), and unlocking ninja. Azys Lla crystals were a pain though not so bad I didn’t get the three I needed in a single day (did take a lot of the day, though). Got a start on the necessary dungeons to upgrade it to i200, but still need six more dungeons to make it official. Shouldn’t be too terrible, though, especially as I’m on WHM so it’s easy mode for DF (unlike being overly anxious on tank about remembering all the pulls in dungeons I’ve likely only done once ever x.x).

On the NIN front, not only did I unlock it (and get that nice stat boost from having a soul crystal on), but I managed to hit 36 so I’ve got two out of the three mudra and have doubled my available ninjutsu. (“Doubled” instead of “tripled” because I count summoning the bunny the best ninjutsu, and I’ll do it on purpose at times. If only he stuck around longer…. ^^) The NIN quests I’ve taken a bit longer than I’m sure I’m supposed to in order to complete them, but only because I’ve been taking Oboro’s instructions to heart and have been staying away from the various enemies so it’s been a long “kite and kill by ranged attacks” process. But fun when you can kill stuff without getting touched. And more fun watching Oboro be a damn n00b and avoid using his own ninjutsu to cast on the kited mob. :P ROG30 quest was a huge pain, though, and was the first time I’ve ever gotten the Echo buff in normal situations (read: not DFed trials). The detonator portion you have to know which way to go at the start in order to be successful, so I ran out of time once. The next time I went in the right order and got one-shotted by the boss when I returned (thanks for the heals, jerks!). Third time I did it fine since I knew I’d be nearly-murdered and so made sure my HP was full by the time I got in range.

At least so far, I’m enjoying NIN, though I also only have a couple of ninjutsu and one positional WS to worry about. It’ll only get more complicated, so we’ll see how it goes as it gets to 50 and up. I still need to figure out what DPS job to take to 60, whether it’ll end up as NIN or my already-50 BRD (which I’m not sure about adding cast time to, but haven’t experienced it firsthand either) or DRG (which Al curses constantly, but I liked it at 50 so maybe it’s not an issue for me).

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