Over the weekend I continued to work some on NIN (in addition to BTN/MIN in the background — more slowly than I’d prefer, but the stuff I gather only sells so quickly), and I managed to hit 50 (nearly 51) last night through judicious applications of Northern Thanalan FATEs. Unlike some times, it was pretty hopping, with usually somewhere between 1 and 2 groups active, so FATEs didn’t take forever as they might solo. Went from 47 after the final Darkhold of the day to most of the way through 50 in a few hours, then went to get my NIN50 quests taken care of and upgrade my weapon (only base Ironworks for now, but a vast improvement over the level 44 GC weapon!). Luckily they give you myth gear as part of the quests these days, and I had Allagan accessories from BRD, so I got a decent jumpstart on 50+ gear a i90 currently. Need to augment the weapon, unless I end up getting a dungeon drop from Sohm Al or something, which would be better than the base Ironworks.

ffxiv_dx11 2016-04-10 23-43-21-44

That shot was from the NIN50 quest, so I hadn’t gotten my Koga/Fuma tops yet, but otherwise is pretty much the gear I’m wearing at the moment (full Fuma). Need to hit 52 (which shouldn’t be far off!) to start working up the ilvls more, as well as get Ironworks accessories to fill out once I’ve built Poetics back up.

On the WHM front, I finally got my dungeons done for Seraph Cane Awoken, so I now have my i200 weapon done and can be depressed about the huge effort involved with the i210 step (all the “unidentified” items and HQ crafts). I’m currently thinking I should work on getting my gatherers and crafters up to try and gather initial mats and generate some income to afford purchasing a lot of the crafted items (something like 5M necessary at the prices I’d seen). I should also start doing beastman tribe quests again, since you can purchase certain “unidentified” items from the various tribes for the “tokens” that they give. Not that it’d be particularly quick to get 1 out of 80 necessary items every day or two or something, but it could at least help provide some variety and offset the dungeons/hunts necessary for purchasing via tomes.

ffxiv_dx11 2016-04-09 15-16-22-54

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