Story finished

Al finally dragged me through Antitower and Lost City HM for Expert roulette unlock, and since Antitower is a story dungeon that unblocked the storyline and let me finish at least what’s currently available. The grand melee was pretty fun, especially the kickass boss fight (Raubahn certainly doesn’t let his new handicap get him down!). And they gave the WHM some cute chainmail to wear instead of dumb robes or something! :D

ffxiv_dx11 2016-04-14 23-40-52-12

ffxiv_dx11 2016-04-14 23-50-16-16

I finally went ahead and picked up the 3.0 relic quest again (for DRK) so I could get FATE crystals again — really should’ve done it immediately after turning in the WHM quest, but it wasn’t obvious in the menu that I could even do it and I didn’t poke around much at the time. :\ I only really need 3 from Azys Lla and 2 from Churning Mists to get the second animated relic, and I have 3 extra of one of the areas (don’t remember which) for a third relic, so I’ve already got a decent jump on things just from the attempts for WHM (and sticking around in areas to help friends get their 3). ^^

NIN’s up to 54 now and slowly getting worked up, as (sort of) is AST (which I use in Leveling roulettes when I’m going with someone wanting to do DPS so we get a better queue). Too bad AST usually gets genericized by getting stuck going places like Sastasha, so I don’t get to play with cards at all, much less buffed cards (Royal Road) I got at 35. Need to get out more in Qarn and higher to get a better feel for AST so I can tell if it’s something I want to take all the way or not — I think it is, but need to work with the card mechanics more to be sure (as well as potentially how Nocturnal Sect works for rare cases where I might need to use it).

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