Last night I hit NIN60, and as expected I did it before getting all (indeed any!) of my Azys Lla crystals for 3.0 relic #2 (whichever that will end up being, DRK or NIN). I’ve still got a little bit of spiritbond left on the non-HQ lvl 58 items I’d been wearing before, so I’ll keep those on until I finish the bond and then replace them with the i170 gear, at which point I can start worrying about a “final” glamour I want to use (which I’m still not 100% on, other than I want to base it around the lvl 54 top in currant purple). Next job up? Uh, AST, I guess? I’m not really sure, haven’t thought about it too much with needing to try and work on my gatherers and crafters more.

I’ve also finally gotten around to assigning classes to my two retainers (ROG and FSH) to do ventures with. They’re both up to a whole level 10 and wearing random vendor gear. At some point I could make gear for them to not be beholden to whatever ilvl the stores have and instead do the highest cloth/leather gear available, I just wanted to be lazy to start with and let them go on their highest-tier exploration which required a (very) minimal ilvl/gathering level. We’ll see how long this takes to get them 50+ when hopefully they’ll become useful for what they come back with.

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