NIN i200 weapon

I’ve recently completed the i200 relic for NIN, which wasn’t as much of a pain as I’d expected given I had to queue as DPS instead of healer. While queues were of course longer, it still wasn’t terrible, more around 15 minutes each instead of 5.

ffxiv_dx11 2016-05-24 20-11-37-50

I’m still not sure exactly what I’m doing on the glamour front for NIN, but for now the Dravanian top and pants are nice enough (not keen on the choker with that giant orange orb on it, though).

I’ve also just completed the i170 for BRD after finally getting the two fire crystals I’d been trying for for a while (it’s always Azys Lla that’s the problem). Which means, of course, that BRD hit 60. Most of the time spent in Leveling ended up in dungeons low enough where Wanderer’s Minuet wouldn’t be available or useful (pre-54), but I did get a Vault as my last dungeon which gave me some time with the “new BRD”, and I didn’t much mind the cast times. Sure it’s nicer to have mobility, but you can turn WM off and back on nearly at will (instant cast with something like a 15-second cooldown) so it’s not too much of a problem if you’re in a situation where you have to move constantly for a period. I didn’t have any experience with 3.0 launch, but can imagine the situation was much worse with cast times on WM.

Mid-May update

I haven’t hit any “major milestones”, but AST is now 50 from the random Leveling, and BRD is now 58 and I’m putting Leveling focus on it for now. My BRD gear is rather out of date (i130 weapon and many accessories, mostly HQ 52 or NQ 54 armor), but I’m hoping I can hold out until 60 when I’ve got a decent array of i195 drops from Expert runs on WHM. As I’ve been trying to run Expert by myself lately (not normally something I’m a fan of, but the Expert dungeons seem simpler to me than the L60 so there’s not really any stress being by myself), in addition to picking up some extra BRD gear, I’ve also been filling out NIN and DRK (both 4 pieces away from a full set of drops) and both are over the i180 entrance requirement for Expert, in case I wanted to take either through to make sure to Need drops I need (normally there’s not many people who’re interested in any drops, though, so it’s rare you’ll be fighting for them).

I’ve been trying to make sure to run 2.0 beast tribe dailies every day, and have started accumulating tokens from the sylphs and amalj’aa, and should be able to start getting them from the sahagin and kobolds this weekend. I’m waiting to turn in the sylph/amalj’aa ones until I’m about to complete a stack, though, as the unidentifiable items those give are new to me so it’ll need extra inventory slots that I don’t particularly have to spare (nor do I have armoury chest space — I have to remove rings from the chest any time I want to put FSH on for maps, which is annoying since that’s every day). So far I’m 8/20 on two of the items (and I believe around 26 tokens which would be an additional 2), and then as mentioned 0/20 on the other two. I won’t worry about the crafted items until I’m nearly complete on the unidentifiables which will still take a while (just be a little quicker with getting one just over every four days regardless of how much Poetics/Eso I’ve been bringing in).

AST glamoured

Through occasional use in Leveling roulettes with people (when I wasn’t doing it with Ver’s SCH), AST just hit lvl 44 which means Coliseum gear is typically the best available. I don’t like the “slutmage” look, and while I’m pretty sure I don’t have the bottom piece anyway, just the top even really isn’t appropriate for a healer (and definitely not for Tri). Compounded with the GC pants (yellowish baggy-looking pants), it wasn’t a good look. I made Al gouge his eyes out by showing him what I looked like, but then went to work figuring out something not terrible to glamour over the gear so I’d be more presentable and people wouldn’t want to kill themselves whenever I was nearby. ;)

After poking around the board a while, I decided on the Uraeus Coat as a glamour base to replace the stupid Coliseum Shawl. While the lvl 41 gloves I already had looked fine, legs and feet were hard since at least what I had access to on the board at lvl 44 seems mostly like pants or bikinis, not much in the way of a mid-length skirt or short pants or something. I ended up settling on the starter legs (really short skirt, but at least it’s got the stockings or whatever for some additional leg covering) and then Al’s favorite Archaeornis Halfboots (I tend to stay away from heels, but it was the only way to get a slim shoe that was a mid-calf boot or lower that I saw, and as a healer Tri shouldn’t be needing to run all over the place so a little less stability is probably acceptable).

ffxiv_dx11 2016-05-01 17-58-17-55

Hopefully this look’ll be sufficient to avoid anyone going blind. We’ll see how it changes as I get AST up to 50-60 and open up access to non-market gear (Eso and Lore gear I think is out, though in the end due to using generic healer gear, I may have to end up with the same glamour for both).