A crafter’s life for me

After a disastrous intro to 3.3 (Hullbreaker HM was annoying, people’s experiences with Weeping City of Mhach were terrible, seemed likely the design would be similar across the other bits like Sohr Khai and Nidhogg), I took a break for a couple weeks to clear my head before it all built up and I’d end up quitting for longer. I’ve come back, still with no desire to progress story (as it’ll just get stuck at Sohr Khai anyway), so have started working on my lowbie crafters again (ARM/BSM/GSM/ALC). I’m up in the 20-25 range from ~15, slowly progressing up via leves (until I run out, anyway). It’s nice finally getting my “other crafts” worked on, since I’ve been able to make all my equipment now as I’m leveling (and pretty much HQ it all still) instead of having to rely on others for the tools and any accessories I was getting (usually I slum it with no extra CP for a while — more risky but it’s worked out fine so far).

I’ve also, after drooling over it for a while, gotten my FSH an Ironworks body piece as it gives me even more stats (slightly) that upgrading my left-side gear from NQ Dhalmelskin to HQ Serpentskin (so has left me with a lot more spots to put better gear in, whether Serpentskin or very slowly accruing more IW pieces). It’s good to know a crafter who’s happy to help craft people’s mats, so I was able to get it made for about half the going rate on the board, which is good because while I do (did) have 7M total gil lying around, I don’t have much income and so I try and make it last and these large purchases take a while to be recovered from. :D

With the jump in stats, I was able to finish off the FSH 60 quest that was a bit rough before (too many “the fish gets away” messages, so it would’ve been difficult if not impossible to land an HQ catkiller with my prior stats). I tried to catch an 834+-collectability thunderbolt eel as well to be able to upgrade to the blue scrips rod, but the closest I came was 827 (so close!). :( Seemed that Patience was absolutely required as I was just getting NQs without it. I assume I’ll need to work my Perception up more to have a better chance at landing an HQ of the right size, but at least I’ve got a lot of slots that should be easy to bump up!