Long time no post

Apparently it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. That tends to happen. Whee. So I guess it’s time for a quick round of updates on what’s been going on this past year….

First of all, I’m back on Balmung due to Al finally deciding it’d be a good place to be. Mostly due to the raid community withering completely on Diabolos; pretty much everyone who was active had left, leaving only the more-casual sorts on the server, plus the population loss in general had things feeling a bit too empty for him. So he decided to head to Balmung as one of the high-population servers that wasn’t just hardcore raiders (it was always a nice atmosphere on the server). It’s definitely good to be “back home”, though it was also sad leaving the friends I’d made on Diabolos behind.

I’ve hit 60 in almost all classes/jobs, only missing a couple of crafters (and those are only a couple of levels away), so I should definitely be all-60 prior to Stormblood landing… at which point I’ll have nothing capped and get to start working them up all over again!

I’ve been working (with my wife Ver, Mac, and Sierra from Soul) on reaching floor 200 in PotD. We’ve made it to 190 once, but failed because of how quickly the stunning bomb exploded. Had a failed run or two since, due to extremely bad luck. We’re currently working on another run, though Sierra’s been distracted with some PS4 game or other so it’s been slow making progress, sadly. Hopefully this time is the magic one, we just need to not end up having multiple chimeras coming to eat us immediately on entering floors is all!

I’ve got a few animas in the works, with HC Majestas being the Lore focus at the moment. I also have HC Hvergelmir (blurple!) and Armageddon (bleh, but just passing through for a better gun) plus some random just-started weapons that don’t count for much. Really with how slowly I go through, it’s just glamour-focused weapons I’m trying to work on as it’s easy to get i255 via PotD.

I’ve got Thyrus in progress on the journey hopefully to Zeta (though who knows, these steps haven’t been nerfed much and so it’s still a slog). About 2/3 of the way through books so getting close to completing this stage, but it’s also mind-numbing work so I’ve not been pushing too hard.

There’s probably a bunch of other stuff I’m forgetting, but there’s a number of the highlights. Reintegrated into Soul fairly easily (the problem person is gone, so the only issues would be my having unreasonable reactions to being left out of activities, which is thankfully rare) and have a couple of LSes (two very small “personal” LSes and one more-midsize one). So it’s not just me all by myself. And having the random RPers around is nice to have back.

I suppose I should also mention I have a version of Tri (Triane Shikhu) on Faerie, mostly for the purpose of dragging a friend (Tom) through PotD floor 100 since somehow he’s never bothered and at worst I can “solo” it with him following me. People there seem a bit desperate on the ol’ invites, so I quickly joined the FC Tom’s in to avoid this one person constantly keeping an invite up (yet never /telling me to invite) whether I let it time out or decline immediately. It’s a fairly small FC, but people there are nice (and a little weird, which is good).

I’ll hang out there sometimes to make progress there (WAR35, though only coming up toward Haukke in the storyline with how quickly the levels have been coming). Finally joined the Maelstrom (my non-NA alt on Ragnarok went Flames just to piss Al off), despite my hating all the nautical BS they lay on so thick there. Starting MRD and it being the last GC I’ve yet to ever join just made it make sense to get it over with. I can always change later if I want. ;)

As a last update, I’ve added in a glamour gallery. Not as fancy as Al’s fashion blog, but I’ve been wanting to put together a place where I could upload shots of what I’m in currently, just for ease of reference.

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