Beastmaster Camps

This will be a place for me to note down where and what I camp on BST, as well as some thoughts about the spots. Some of the early stuff is from memory, and may not be level-precise. So sue me. ;)

My typical XPing method so far is to send EM pets against T targets, DC pets against EM targets, and solo EPs to clear them out. If targets are all T, I may also solo the DCs, as well. Some Ts can be taken out by 1-2 DCs, though. I will typically assist my pet through Dia/Paralyze only, as so far I’ve had issues with taking hate off them. Sometimes that’s a good thing as the Dia will tick their HP down and give my pet free hits in, but other times it’s annoying.

21-22 : Meriphataud Mountains

Position : (E-6)
Pet : Crane Fly, Hill Lizard
Target : Crane Fly, Hill Lizard, Goblin Mugger
Notes : I was on the high side for this camp, but I was pretty annoyed with Bubu and wanted something else to try. Put DC vs EM and the rare EM vs T (usually the T being the Mugger that walked through my camp), and soloed the various EP mobs (including saplings). Pretty slow, but it was something different.

20-21 : Buburimu Peninsula

Position : (J-7)ish
Pet : Carnivorous Crawler, Zu, Bull Dhalmel
Target : Carnivorous Crawler, Zu, Bull Dhalmel, Goblins [3]
Notes : Goblin Bounty Hunters suck, as do the skeletons that pop nearly everywhere at night. Ended up getting fed up with the mob selection at 21.

18-20 : Ordelle’s Caves

Position : (I-7)
Pet : Stink Bats, Blood Bunny
Target : Fly Agaric
Notes : Pulled pets from the tunnel up through (I-6) where a Goblin Ambusher spawns. Would usually clear out any EP bats and bunnies by hand, and use any DC-EM Hognosed Bats and Stalking Saplings in the funguar room to send against the funguars, as well. The higher-leveled funguars would typically clear the entire tunnel of mobs.

16-18 : Buburimu Peninsula

Position : (E-9)
Pet : Sylvestre, Mighty Rarab
Target : Sylvestre, Mighty Rarab, Goblins [2]
Notes : This is a nice somewhat-secluded camp. Lots of mobs running around, mostly mandies, bunnies and birds, with usually three gobs running around the pit area, and a couple at the intersection to the north. Beware the Bogy spawns just through the SE tunnel from the camp area.

14-16 : Tahrongi Canyon

Position : Roaming
Pet : Wild Dhalmel
Target : Wild Dhalmel
Notes : Also tossed in some random crawlers and such when I was frustrated with dhalmel supply (or lack thereof).

11?-14 : Tahrongi Canyon

Position : Roaming
Pet : Pygmaioi, Canyon Rarab, Canyon Crawler, Killer Bee
Target : Pygmaioi, Canyon Rarab, Canyon Crawler, Killer Bee
Notes : Went back and forth between using pets and soloing.

1-11? : Sarutabaruta

Position : Roaming
Notes : Soloed the usual suspects.

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