The current list of merits that I’m working on or plan to work on in the future (or just happen to have)

For Thief

I want to cap out Dagger, +Crit%, and Triple Attack at the minimum. I’m not sure what Group 2 merits look interesting to me for the sort of things I’ll be doing on THF, though, and the same goes for looking at Marksmanship and Evasion merits (especially since other jobs wouldn’t get as much benefit from those).

Combat Skills

  • Dagger – 4/8 [12 merits]


  • Criticals – 3/4 [4 merits]


  • Trick Attack – 2/?
  • Triple Attack – 3/5 [9 merits]

For Red Mage

I’ve got a little ways to go before I can actually merit RDM-only abilities, but I can get everything else in the list from DRK if I’m so inclined. MP will help when resting to full and Converting, Enfeebling will help make sure I can land enfeebles reliably endgame, as will the Ice/Wind MACC (though reducing Convert’s timer would be nice, too). A couple points in Elemental is supposed to help with resists there on VT merit mobs, though, but I don’t know whether I’ll be nuking much or not. Have to see what happens as I approach 75.


  • MP – 0/8? [30? merits]

Magic Skills

  • Enfeebling – 0/8 [21 merits]
  • Elemental – 0/8? [21 merits]

Red Mage

  • Convert – 0/0?
  • Ice MACC – 0/5? [15? merits]
  • Wind MACC – 0/5? [15? merits]

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